REPORT: NYPD prepares to mobilize ‘disorder control’ riot cops ahead of Trump’s possible arrest as MAGA supporters descend on Trump Tower, Mar-a-Lago

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The Big Apple is ready to batten down the hatches and mobilize 700 riot cops ahead of former President Donald Trump’s anticipated arrest early this week.

State, city and federal law enforcement agencies have been meeting in recent weeks to discuss how to deal with expected widespread protests following Trump’s arrest, as his supporters have already started descending on Trump Tower.

The New York Police Department is even considering stationing hundreds of riot cops, the Daily Beast reports, fearing that Trump’s arrest may cause both MAGA conservatives and anti-Trump protesters to face off outside Manhattan Criminal Court as he is arraigned.

Trump may face criminal charges for payments he allegedly made through his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, to adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

The $130,000 payments, made towards the end of his 2016 campaign, violated campaign finance laws, prosecutors say.

The payments were meant to keep Daniels from revealing an alleged affair she had with the former president.

The Daily Beast reports that representatives from the New York Police Department say they are monitoring social media closely to assess the situation, and they are cooperating with federal authorities and other police departments.

The force may deploy its Strategic Response Group of 700 members who are trained in disaster control, and, if necessary, the situation could be escalated by deploying a Level 4 alert. That would allow eight police officers and one sergeant on be on standby at every precinct in New York City.

Meanwhile, Trump’s MAGA supporters are arriving at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. According to the Mail, their presence is ”a brazen attempt to prevent [Trump’s] arrest.”

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  1. Why didn’t they do this for BLM and ATIFA! Their plan fill the prisons with Trump supporters! War on Trump supporters! And why wouldn’t the grand jury indict, when it’s filled with Trump haters!!

    • Right? But this is Antifa going there in MAGA gear. Just like J6. Don’t do it! Want to support Trump? Give to his campaign. This false crap is a misdemeanor. If Marion Barry can be elected to DC mayor as a convicted felon, then Trump can be re-elected as President for paying a blackmailer, so his family is not embarrassed. And if this happens; then we should really look into every Senator that paid off accusers with OUR MONEY from their slush fund.

  2. I haven’t trusted DeSantis from the beginning! He will be bought as president! He would be better than Biden, but not much!

  3. Everyone is making this more than it has to be. The corrupt government officials could completely cool any of this off if they didn’t what to make a political statement. But as we know that won’t happen. They are hoping people act stupid. People on the left that want it to happen are just as foolish.

  4. Do NOT I repeat do not allow these jamoke corrupt leftists to arrest trump in florida ron!!! Biden or ALL people needs to be impeached and arrested for hunter corruption and Ukraine dealings 100000%

  5. Tyrannical Dems showing their political bias toward Trump as usual. These thugs need to be removed from office by whatever means possible! These communist, gestapo tactics can’t go on forever in a true Republic! FJB !

    • FAKE PROTESTS of Trump’s arrest will pop up and PEOPLE RESEMBLING TRUMP SUPPORTERS will be plastered all over the media..
      Some will PROTEST LEGALLY and ‘bad actors’ will pop up dresses as Trump Supporters..
      This will happen, THIS IS PROPAGANDA..

  6. Most felony offenses in NY have a five year statute of limitations period. Misdemeanor offenses have a two year statute of limitation period, while petty offenses generally have a one year statute of limitations. This charge was 7 yrs ago

  7. Nothing, the democrats will absolutely stop at nothing to get Trump arrested, so he has no chance to run for president!! Meanwhile, the Biden’s, the Obama’s, the Clinton’s , Pelosi, Schumer, Gates, and Fauci get away with everything that they do! Is this the new American way?!

  8. Dems are going to rue the day when we unleash the beast ! And it’s overdue, TRUMP 2024 !
    Also a good test for DeSantis ?

  9. Trump supporters are peaceful unless they plant BLM and FBI in with them!!!! How about mobilizing police for the next BLM protest that is always violent!!!!

  10. Better to arrest Bragg rather than Trump for ignoring the statute of limitations on that payment. It was 7 years ago! Besides, he should be more concerned about the rising crime rates in NYC!

  11. Democrats will do anything ANYTHING to stop their uber-enemy President Trump. Anything. Hopefully the Courts will throw this out as being beyond the Statute of Limitations… and/or Gov DeSantis will refuse to extradite Trump.

    Where was all the law enforcement mobilization when Antifa and BLM were rioting and tearing apart New York??

    Disgusting ABUSE OF POWER all around.

  12. They think that all patriots are stupid! If anything happens they will make it look like Maga supporters! It’s going get real ugly soon! I hope every commie leftists swings from a rope real soon.

  13. What criminal charges???? Only way charges would be filed is if money was handed over after a crime . The money given to the whore to keep her mouth shut for a suppose affair if not a crime .

    Bet DC politicians do it all the time . Bill Clinton comes to mind .

  14. What criminal charges???? Only way charges would be filed is if money was handed over after a crime . The money given cohen and that has been to keep her mouth shut for a suppose affair if not a crime .

    Bet DC politicians do it all the time . Bill Clinton comes to mind .

  15. Gas lighting, hoping for someone else to use to justify more mudslinging.
    The Marxist left has run out of ammo, so now they regurgitate debunked fake news!


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