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Democrat New York City mayoral candidate Eric Adams said his party had become “too complicated” when asked to explain a drop in minority support for Democrats in the past election.

President Joe Biden’s November victory showed a drop in Black and Hispanic support from 2016, alarming Democrats about a possible trend toward Republicans.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Well, I believe that we’re not spending enough time on the ground,” he told the “Ezra Klein Show.” “We’re not dealing with those kitchen-table issues. New Yorkers and Americans are not complicated at all. They want to get up in a place that’s their own. They want to go to a place where they’re gainfully employed — an honest pay for an honest day. They want their children to be educated in an environment where they can be ready for the future. And they want to be safe.”

Adams added, “Residents have done their jobs for years. The city has not … And until Democrats understand that is all Americans and New Yorkers are asking for, we’re going to continue to lose people in the party. We have to rethink it. We’ve become too complicated. And we just have to communicate to our constituency as the average person.”

Adams is expected to win the mayoral race in the November general election, to replace outgoing mayor Bill de Blasio.

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  1. It is nothing to do with complexity. Had they not been cheating elections and misreporting results for decades the Dems would already be the Defuncts. They represent no one other than people like Soros, Gates, et al.. anyone willing to buy their services. I refuse to call it buying their loyalty.

  2. You cannot dumb the party down any further it’s already at rock bottom you clown AND it’s your culture that supports the DEMONcrates. Dummies electing dummies

  3. With the NYC DeBlasio vaccine mandate the Black/Brown Communities are feeling segregated since they are the population that is not wanting the vaccine so it will now be changed for the radical Dems!! What comes around goes around!! What is the Dems going to do for the next year to help them?!! Tick Tock

  4. Being gainfully employed is hard when you are doing what you all are doing. Can’t go in to eat, shows, sports, etc. The democrat party doesn’t care one iota about Americans no matter the party or ethnicity. Only concern is how can we make more money & destroy America with the socialist bull crap. Say what you want about Rudy but he cleaned NY up & you all sure need that again


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