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Barack Obama has a big new backer: Jeff Bezos.

The Amazon founder and world’s second richest man is donating a whopping $100 million to the former president’s charity, the Obama Foundation said Monday.

The article goes on to state the following:

As part of the donation, Bezos has asked that Obama rename the plaza at his controversial Chicago presidential center in honor of former Congressman and civil rights advocate John R. Lewis, according to the Obama Foundation.

Bezos sent a statement to the NY Post, declaring that he’s “thrilled to support President and Mrs. Obama and their Foundation in its mission to train and inspire tomorrow’s leaders.”

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    • The Obama’s are dedicated to training “ community organizers ” , meaning activists and professional agitators and the next line of Marxists in his mission to help destroy any semblance of colonial history AKA the US of A .
      His “ Presidential Center “ is a huge departure from other Presidents libraries in that it will never house his records .
      It’s already at over a billion in costs before ground breaking , it got deemed a huge portion of Jackson park by the Democrats in city council – lawsuits to block it failed so construction has recently started . Road changes are expected to cost the taxpayers some 75 million .
      It’s going to be a monument to the team of Michelle and Barack Obama , lauding what they have done for/TO America and train thousands to follow in their footsteps

  1. And we wonder how/why these clowns are empowered. This is exactly why they don’t give a flying f about the average person because they know where the money train is

  2. We need a new place to buy our online purchases. Bezos is a traitor to this country funding Obama who does like our country and is destroying it with Mr. Magoo. Heres to you, Bezos!!💩💩

  3. Well…that was easy enough. The Obama Shrine Library was meeting controversy because it was making hundreds of low income families homeless because of its location. Take a check, name it after Lewis, buy some political clout and scream “racist” if anyone objects. Nevermind, the very families they are ousting are the ones they claim to support!

  4. I remember what Obama said to Putin on a “hot mic” that he would be able to do a lot more after he was out of office.I guess he’s been doing what hhe said he could do?


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