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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently renewed her ongoing Twitter feud with Sen. Joe Manchin after the senator referred to the far-left New York House member as a “young lady” while responding to her criticism.

After AOC took to Twitter to accuse Manchin, a West Virginia Democrat, of having “weekly huddles with Exxon” and being “one of many senators who gives lobbyists their pen to write so-called bipartisan fossil fuels bills,” Manchin denied her charges in an interview Sunday with CNN.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I keep my door open for everybody, it’s totally false,” Manchin said, adding, “And those types of superlatives, it’s just awful. Continue to divide, divide, divide. I don’t know that young lady that well. I really don’t. I have met her one time, I think, between sets here. But that’s it. So we have not had any conversations. She’s just speculating and saying things because she wants to.”

AOC then tweeted, “I usually know my questions of power are getting somewhere when the powerful stop referring to me as “Congresswoman” and start referring to me as “young lady” instead.”

“Imagine if every time someone referred to someone as “young lady” they were ask responded to by being addressed with their age and gender? They’d be pretty upset if one responded with “the old man,” right?” AOCX continued. “Why this kind of weird, patronizing behavior is so accepted is beyond me!”

WATCH: Manchin responds to Ocasio-Cortez tweet: ‘Continue to divide, divide, divide’

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  1. Aoc is an idiot bar maid and should have stayed in that job, because she sure isn’t smart enough to do the one she has now

  2. Aoc and mancin are evil assholes Democrats who helped Biden do the damaged by closing The pipelines and left All The employees without a job

  3. I have heard them refer to the men in Congress as a “bunch of old white men”!
    This “girl” is not a young lady.
    She’s nothing more than a “bar wench” put in the position she holds by Soros!
    She is the most ignorant person to ever serve in politics. She’s not even qualified to pick up garbage!

  4. Perhaps she would like to be referred as something far less polite. We must speak the language she understands. I would put the title here but I’ll leave it blank, for all to come up with their own! 😁

  5. And you show up at the Met where only the mega rich can afford to attend. Only ones in masks are servants that will bring you what you want.


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