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Lieutenant William Kelly wants his job back after the Norfolk Police Department fired him following a $25 anonymous donation made to Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal defense fund in April 2021.

Rittenhouse’s two-week trial for the shooting of three men during the 2020 Kenosha riots concluded on Friday with a not guilty jury verdict.

The article goes on to state the following:

Kelly, a 42-year-old, 19-year police veteran and father of three, was ten months away from his pension vesting when the Norfolk Police Department fired him.

According to the report, Kelly told the Daily Mail, “Everything I’m saying is just my personal opinion. I’ve been a homicide detective, a violent crimes investigator for years. I have a background. I watched the video of the shooting. I’d seen the video of the journalists of Mr. Rittenhouse before the shooting and the protesters before the shooting and I thought it painted a pretty clear picture that Mr. Rittenhouse had a very strong claim for self-defense.”

Kelly was fired after hackers revealed him name and email for a $25 anonymous donation to Rittenhouse after GoFundMe removed his ability to raise funds.

“It wasn’t people local, it was people from all around the country who read an article and sent a nasty tweet. In the absence of that outcry, there would not have been any kind of disciplinary action against me, I’m confident,” Kelly said.

“This is America. You can agree with your neighbors and other people in your community and you can disagree with them. Just because someone has a different opinion than you, it doesn’t mean you should destroy their lives, take their job away,” he added.

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  1. He should never have lost his job! He did nothing illegal or untoward. His city should be sued for letting this happen!! I’m sure if he had donated to planned parenthood the city would have given him a medal!!

  2. Hopefully he can sue the pants off them. I call BS. It’s ok for black cops to promote blm (a terrorist organization) but a white cop can’t give his money to WHOEVER he wants??? Unbelievable 💩

  3. Any labor attorney with a brain eill snatch this case up for a percentage cut. This victim can win in court for back pay, damages and early retirement with full pension. He can give the attorney 25% of the back oat for his fees.

    This is crap. Like the others said, there are black cops donating to BLM openly and nothing happens.

  4. Unlawful termination!!! I hope this officer sues the pants off everyone involved!! This IS still America, our freedom is slipping away, WE must stop the liberal left from establishing communism here, for the sake of our children, and all future generations, we must stop them.

  5. That is not right what they did to this cop. People’s livelihoods are being taken away like it is a game. You don’t play around with people’s livelihoods for political reasons.

    He should fight for his job back. And I pray that his job will be reinstated.

    We are in very evil times.

  6. A HACKER HEY. I’d bet he told everyone in his Office, and his Police chief hacked into his account to find out if it was TRUE. After a while you can always spot the narrative, this is the Democratic way.

  7. So this should be taken up with Youngkin?? This should be a slam dunk for Youngkin to prove he stands with law officers.
    Where has he been lately? Haven’t heard anything from him since he got elected.

  8. I completely agree with the poster above who suggests this is the perfect way for Governor-elect Youngkin to prove where he stands with the Police!! This firing was OUTRAGEOUS and it shouldn’t matter whether Rittenhouse was acquitted or not.


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