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National Review editor and Fox News contributor Andrew McCarthy argued in a Tuesday column that former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s disputed testimony about former President Donald Trump’s alleged behavior on Jan. 6 could blow up the entire Select Committee.

Hutchinson testified Tuesday that she was informed by Secret Service agent and Deputy White House Chief of Staff Anthony Ornato that Trump put his hands on the steering wheel of the presidential vehicle known as “The Beast” and lunged at special agent in charge Bobby Engel when he attempted to prevent Trump from going to the Capitol during the riot. A Secret Service spokesperson confirmed Wednesday that agents on Trump’s detail are prepared to testify to the committee.

The article goes on to state the following:

Those agents are expected to dispute Hutchinson’s testimony that Trump grabbed the wheel and assaulted an agent, NBC News’ Peter Alexander reported. Engel previously sat with the Jan. 6 committee for an interview.

Chief White House correspondent Peter Alexander tweeted Wednesday, “NEW: @SecretService spox Anthony Gugliemi tells me the agents in Trump’s presidential SUV are ‘available to testify under oath, responding to [Hutchinson’s] new allegations.’ A source close to the Secret Service says both men dispute Trump grabbed the steering wheel or assaulted an agent. They do not deny that Trump was irate and demanded they drive to the Capitol.”

“MORE: Secret Service spox Anthony Gugliemi tells me ‘the @SecretService has communicated to @DHSgov that any and all personnel that the January 6th Committee requests are available to testify under oath, responding to [Hutchinson’s] new allegations.’

McCarthy wrote, “All we can say is that before choosing to elicit Hutchinson’s account in a hyped public hearing, the committee heard Engel’s testimony. Presumably, if Engel gave the committee reason to believe Hutchinson’s hearsay account was wrong, Cheney would not have adduced it.”

He continued, “If it turns out that Engel disputed Hutchinson’s story, and that Cheney knew that but adduced that Hutchinson’s story anyway, without confronting Hutchinson with Engel’s contrary version of events, the committee might as well pack up its bags and go home. Going forward, the committee must come clean with all the evidence it has collected on this matter. At the very least, we should hear testimony from Ornato.”

McCarthy added, “All we can responsibly do is ask ourselves whether the evidence presented under these deficient procedures seems coherent and credible. Whether it will ultimately hold up when finally challenged — as it very well may be in, say, an eventual criminal trial — is another story.”

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  1. So people aren’t allowed to have emotions now ? Unless of course you are BLM and your anger brings you to burn down a city or 10. Then that’s fine.

  2. Cassidy wasn’t present when she alleges Trump’s actions. With Engel who was present with Trump at time, testifying against Cassidy’s testimony, that flat out makes her look like a liar and incredible. Cassidy needs to be looked at for Perjury Charges.

  3. We were all angered by January 6th, so why wouldn’t Trump be openly upset? This Jester Court has got to be eliminated and why are the taxpayers monies being used for it! No one asked me if I wanted this Stalin trial formed! As a country we need another Boston Tea Parry so we can all deny paying taxes for these shams!

  4. Bet they come up with reasons not to have those agents testify or anyone else that would contradict her story. The democrats and the RINO’s on that committee really are stupid their circus tent is about to collapse AGAIN!

  5. I think trump wanted to be with his supporters and to keep peace
    But to many people underestimate the evil minds of people like HC
    Democrats put rioters into the crowd to amp things up

  6. Trump planned on going over to the Capital with his supporters. He told them he would meet them there. The Secret Service stopped him from doing that, so of course he was mad. Most likely if he had gone over there with them there wouldn’t have been the uprising. That might also have been the reason they prevented him from going there. It was a setup to get Trump and his supporters so they didn’t want Trump messing up their plans. I’m sure Trump didn’t physically attack them but knowing Trump I’m sure he was angry and had every right to be.


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