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Written by DML
CNBC reports
that the legal cannabis industry, currently worth about $8 billion, is predicted to triple in size to $22.6 billion in total annual sales by 2021.  That’s one reason why Stormy Simon, the former president of decided to leave the company to enter the cannabis industry.

In 2001, she took a job at Overstock because of the potential growth of e-commerce. After working at the bulk retailer for 15 plus years, Simon became an e-commerce expert and helped build Overstock into one of the most successful online retailers in the world.

Now, she is quickly becoming a cannabis expert and serves on the advisory board of CannaKids, an organization that advocates for safe medical uses of cannabis for sick children.

“Cannabis has helped me with my own ailments,” she told CNBC.

Simon is making a smart move. Products like CBD will disrupt the healthcare sector the same way that e-commerce disrupted traditional retail.

I can understand Simon’s vision.  For me, the decision to enter the CBD market was easy because I understand its effectiveness.

Traveling the country and meeting people like I do, I see so many people restricted by pain, and hear all the time how people cannot sleep regularly.  These two factors, especially when combined, create a situation where life becomes limited.  People are often hindered by ailments that CBD can help conquer.  In my case, DML PURE CBD eliminated my chronic pain and sleeplessness in a way over-the-counter meds could not.

I got into the CBD business for two reasons.  The first was personal.  Having been sleepless for more than a decade, and having had chronic pain for the past 3 years, CBD has changed my life for the better.  I take DML PURE CBD every day.  I am now pain free, and I sleep like a rock.  This is making me more efficient at working my news business, and I am generally happier in my personal life.  I am so passionate about it, I needed to get involved.

The second reason is because of my desire to help my fellow Americans.  CBD is safe, legal, and expensive, and so I wanted to create a product that was as effective as it was affordable. DML PURE is that product and in a very short time we see our inventory flying off the shelf.

For me to put my name on the label means something because my reputation is everything.  My kids take DML  PURE, my best friends are using it, and I won’t go a day without it.

DML PURE, which is available at affordable prices at, is not only a product that makes me feel great again physically, but I love knowing I am helping others live a better life.  Check out

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  1. Too expensive for me. I take a reputable brand that gives disabled, veterans and low income a 60% off discount. Also people are being mislead, CBD does not give immediate relief, it takes longer for some people to wake up their system. I started low and slow with a few drops and worked ip to more

  2. Dennis
    I ordered your starter package on 07/15/2019. I paid with my MasterCard but received a paypal receipt, which is really confusing because I do not have a paypal account. The transaction cleared my bank but I haven’t received received my order. I’m getting nervous about this transaction. Would you please check into it for me? I am a long time follower of yours. This is the third email I have sent you with no response!
    Thank you
    Patricia Litzenberger

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