REPORT: Panicked Dems pour money into suddenly precarious state race

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The Democratic Governors Association donated $1.25 million in support of the party’s nominee in the Oregon gubernatorial race as it becomes increasingly competitive.

Last week’s donation ups the amount the organization has given in support of former state Rep. Tina Kotek to $3.1 million. Shortly after the contribution, the Cook Political Report reclassified the race from “lean Democrat” to “toss-up” as an independent candidate’s popularity threatens to split the vote.

Independent candidate Betsy Johnson has emerged as a serious contender, pulling nearly a quarter of the potential vote, according to polling data from last month. Her latest fundraising figures are unclear, but the available numbers put her on par with Kotek and Drazan for money raised since January 2021.

Jessica Taylor of the Cook Political Report said, “Republicans do have a strong candidate in Christine Drazan, who is raising money, and then you have the three-way race. There’s a frustration among Democrats about Betsy Johnson’s presence in there because they feel like she takes votes away from both of them but could potentially take more votes away from Tina Kotek.”

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  1. God I pray Oregon goes Republican and shoves it up the Dems asses! I grew up there and the Dems policies made staying there after my folks passed impossible, which I hated leaving because Oregon is the most beautiful state there is, period!!!

  2. Demacraps will be putting out fires all over the country in the next 2 months and the next 2 years. Fixing to get REALLY INTERESTING.
    U 🇺🇸
    S 🇺🇸
    A 🇺🇸

  3. Please pray for us. We deserve better than we have had for the past 20+ years. We are a beautiful state. The dems have destroyed it.

  4. Republicans aren’t much better, but you would have to be brain dead to vote Democrat. Some way some how, we need a new pro American party.

    • I have to agree with you on that Bg. Republicans don’t stick together, to many rinos. We need a congress who is proud of America and wants the best for her & her citizens. Not these socialist pieces of crap.


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