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Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Wednesday that Democratic leaders will gauge the party’s support for President Biden’s proposed gas tax holiday but stopped short of endorsing the idea, suggesting a rare break between the Speaker and her White House ally on an issue that’s threatening Democrats’ prospects at the polls in November.

“We will see where the consensus lies on a path forward for the President’s proposal in the House and the Senate, building on the strong bills to lower prices at the pump already passed by House Democrats including the Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act and the Lower Food and Fuel Costs Act,“ Pelosi said in a statement.

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The statement represents a tepid response from a Democratic leader who’s typically effusive in praising the president’s agenda, economic and otherwise. And it reflects the concerns of a number of Democrats on Capitol Hill that suspending the federal gas tax simply won’t show up as significant savings at the pump.

Pelosi also rejected the idea back in March, claiming there is no guarantee that the savings would be passed along to consumers.

“The pro is very showbiz. ‘OK, let’s just do something, there it is.’ But it is not necessarily landing in the pocket of the consumer,” Pelosi said.

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  1. Pelosi, You are a soul less old woman, who will die someday. And when you stand before God, I wonder if you will tell him you were doing his work. Like abortions, stealing from the American people.
    Hell is forever.

  2. I am not a fan of Pelosi at all but I agree with her on this one. Nothing is free. It’s only for 3 months with very little discount. Almost laughable. Sort of like dangling a carrot.

  3. A gas tax holiday helps no one. It would come out to be about18 cents and I’m sure the consumer would not see the so-called benefits. How about reinstate the Keystone pipeline….dumb azz. Biden the destroyer of America.

  4. It wont help but it makes him have a feel good moment thats all. If he truely wanted to fix things he would open up the Keystone pipeline.

  5. I agree if he really wanted to do something. Open up the XL Pipeline .stop putting so many restrictions on drilling and fracking . Be serious about
    The future. Electric stations for cars need fossil fuel to operate. Please worry about today.

  6. You really wanna help us, open the pipeline and make us energy independent again. Trump. Is the real President and we all know it, so let him fix what these incompetent old fools can’t fix. Simple as that!

  7. It’s another stupid idea. Umm maybe we could put the 18 cents with the 14 cents Biden saved us last year at our July 4 th picnic…. and buy ? Wait you can’t buy anything now a days for 32 cents! It’s $50 for ten gallons of gasoline that will get you now where. I’m convinced that’s what they want


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