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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is facing criticism after being spotted maskless at a lavish wedding with a large group of people while children in her state are required to wear masks in school.

Pelosi officiated the wedding at San Francisco City Hall before guests, who had to show proof of vaccination, made their way to the Getty Mansion, where the celebration continued. The event was also attended by California Gov. Gavin Newsom and San Francisco Mayor London Breed.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Gavin Newsom, London Breed, Nancy Pelosi all in attendance, hobnobbing with the maskless hordes, at this extremely posh billionaire heiress wedding,” Reason editor Liz Wolfe tweeted. “But hey, let’s make sure San Francisco’s kids mask up in schools.”

Reopen California Schools shared a group photo from the wedding, showing Pelosi right in the middle, and tweeted, “And why were guests able to do this? Maskless indoors when school dances across California are cancelled and kids must keep masks on 7 hours/day including outside at recess in many parts of CA including in SF.”

Katy Grimes noted that the San Francisco City Hall is still closed to public meetings, but it was perfectly fine for the lavish wedding to be held there.

Twitter users are responding in outrage and mockery. Several have noted that Pelosi still makes lawmakers in the House wear masks.

“”High-ranking sitting public officials from the Party claiming to represent the interests of poor and marginalized people should avoid officiating weddings of billionaire oil heiresses” is such a depressingly low bar AND YET…” Natalie Shure tweeted.

“A woman of the people,” mocked one Twitter user.

“Nothing to see here. Just Nancy Pelosi officiating the wedding of the heir to the Getty Fortune in San Francisco, which I’m pretty sure still has an indoor mask mandate since the guests had to wear them in Pelosi’s honor,” wrote Noam Blum.

“Why is Nancy Pelosi allowed to attend a lavish billionaire’s wedding in California without a mask while our school children are forced to mask up? Is it only the servant class who is forced to wear masks?” another person demanded.

Bobby Jeffries noted the irony: “Gavin Newsom cancelled a press conference to attend the wedding of Ivy Getty (Big Oil Family). Nancy Pelosi was an officiant at the Getty wedding. Isn’t it weird that Green New Deal/Climate Activists would go to the wedding of an oil heiress? 🤔”

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  2. One of the founding principles of this country is that we would not have an aristocracy in America. There is now a ruling class that is attempting to social engineer this country into having one. Ivy League schools are a great example. Graduates children are given preference into enrollment. Then they demand our leaders have an ivy school education. You may recall one of the attacks on Sarah Palin was she went to a state college. The implication being our leaders have to come from an Ivy League school. This is ridiculous on its face and attempts to put a glass ceiling on the rest of us.

  3. More proof that they are using their mask mandates for nothing more than a power grab! The masks are just for the theater factor for the scared masses! The left has turned this country into a nation of germaphobes! I’m going to post this to Facebook and see how long before it gets taken down!

  4. This bs won’t stop until we stop it. So America, wake up, stand up, and take our country back. All this crap is straight out of the hunger games.

  5. Some have to ask.WHY ???.if somr have to this point they deserve her representing them.One more time , here goes :

    1) you do not count
    2).she is better
    3) you arent good enough to be in her elite circle

    Ok ??? Understand now ??

  6. PIGlosi and the rest of the elitist hypocrite DEMONcrates will never follow laws/rules AND the corrupt media will provide all the necessary excuses. Are the trolls ever going to WAKE THE HELL UP??

  7. Pelosi officiating? Under what authority? Captain of a (sinking Dem) ship?

    Also, can we nominate Miss High Maintenance for Ugliest Wedding Dress Ever?

  8. She expects us to believe Climate Change is real, but ignores the science when it comes to COVID. Just because you test negative means nothing of you have it and get tested too early. That’s how the nurse explained it to me. If politicians are getting tired of being called out and it then get rid of the masks. I’ve seen no true science on that one.


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