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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi traveled to Texas this week to tout health care aspects of the Biden administration’s “Build Back Better” agenda – but a Republican spokeswoman said Pelosi’s timing was all wrong.

After a deadly Kabul airport attack in Afghanistan left 13 U.S. service members dead last month, the San Francisco Democrat’s services were needed more in Washington than in Austin, the GOP spokeswoman said.

The article goes on to state the following:

“It’s inappropriate and insensitive for Nancy Pelosi to be promoting the Democrats’ agenda when Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan,” said Macarena Martinez of the Republican National Committee (RNC), according to KXAN-TV of Austin.

“Pelosi should get back to Washington, D.C., convene Congress and demand answers for Biden’s failed withdrawal in Afghanistan.”

Pelosi joined Texas U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett and Austin Mayor Steve Adler in Texas on Thursday.  She was in  Austin touting “progress on health care expansion under the Build Back Better Act,” KXAN reports.

Pelosi was highlighting Democrats’ priorities in the forthcoming act, “which in part aims to strengthen health care access for families,” according to KXAN.

“I like to think of it as build back better with women, minorities, people of color, many new people into it,” Pelosi said. “And, many of the health care provisions are liberating for people to participate. If we can have family and medical leave paid — paid family and medical leave — if we can have what’s mentioned about home health care for our seniors, people with disabilities and our children — that enables people to be more free to be in the workplace. Child care, child care, child care can be very liberating.”

While in Texas, Pelosi launched criticism at Texas Republicans over the state being one in 12 not offering expanded Medicaid services. She also criticized Texas’ new abortion law.

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  1. Why doesn’t the Devil just claim this demon already and rid her from the earth? I see an agonizing eternal life in hell in her very near future.

  2. “ Child care, child care, child care can be very liberating.”
    For whom???
    That’s the problem! You stUpid bitch!
    We see what y’all are up to! You’re wanting a “Labor Force”! Or “Forced Labor” is more to your liking!
    Stop trying to take care of OUR business!!!
    I worked when my kids were young! I found my own babysitters! People I could trust…or so I thought at times.
    If I thought, I had vetted friends and family, only to learn some weren’t very good at sitting my kids, then why in the hell would I entrust my kids to your system?
    Look what happened to our elderly! Cuomo, thought he new BEST!!! He put our loved ones in nursing homes to die from COVID!!!
    You bitches and Bastards are trying to emulate Chyna!!! Put the parents to work and brainwash our children!
    Fuck you and that horse you rode up on!

  3. This is one of the most repulsive people in the world. Why didn’t she visit the border & see the screw up job going on there. She’s nothing but a liar, hypocrite who could care less about the life off any of us because she thinks the people are beneath her. Look at her district. Do you see her trying to get Americans out that were abandoned because of the idiot in office. All she wants is a communist America & she & the other deplorable spawn of Satan will stop at nothing to achieve this it. Special place in hell for her & others who want to murder helpless unborn. Awful to saw but since she is so for abortions maybe her mom should have had one.

  4. Nancy,
    Do us all a favor & step in front of a fast moving on-coming bus. And if any or all of the squad members are available, have them join you.
    The American People

  5. Childcare so people can be in the workforce?
    How about no nonsensical lockdowns, mandates and paying people not to work then we may not have a labor shortage of English speaking citizens that just almost 2 years ago were productivly employed in a then booming economy?
    To simple for the Woke minded? No because it’s not about the working class working. It’s all about crippling America so badly she’s no longer in the way. To bad for those who assume they’ll have a chair at the head table when the real kings sit down to pick at the bones of what and who are left behind.


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