REPORT: Petition fails to recall mayor of crime-stricken blue city

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A recall of New Orleans Democratic Mayor LaToya Cantrell has failed due to a large number of petition signatures being deemed invalid, according to The Associated Press.

Most of the petition’s 67,000 signatures were deemed invalid by the registrar, leaving the petition short by roughly 18,000 signatures to recall the mayor, the AP reported. Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards declared that just 27,243 were valid, while the petition would need 44,975 to become effective.

“Now, with the divisiveness of the failed recall campaign officially behind us, we must heal and recommit ourselves to working collaboratively to continue the progress we’ve made towards reducing crime, increasing public safety, building a more sustainable and resilient city and creating economic and job opportunities that benefit all of our people,” Cantrell said in a statement provided to WAFB-TV.

The AP reported there could be several factors as to why the signatures failed including, being mislabeled, having signatures dated after the due date, containing wrong or profane information and having duplicate signatures.

Cantrell wrote in a statement, “My administration has always remained focused on addressing the real pressing issues that face our city.”

Author Raymond Arroyo tweeted Tuesday, “According to the governor of Louisiana, the effort to recall Mayor Latoya Cantrell in New Orleans has failed, lacking the verified signatures to proceed.”

Cantrell wrote, “I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to the residents of New Orleans for trusting in my leadership and believing that, for New Orleans, the best is truly yet to come.💛🙏👏”

Reporter Sam Karlin said, “Breaking: The effort to recall New Orleans LaToya Cantrell has failed to get enough qualified signatures. They needed about 49K valid signatures. They submitted 67,000 total, but only 27,000 were valid.”

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  1. Ironic that a vote to recall a democratic mayor doesn’t have enough verifiable signatures; however when voting for a Republican president they don’t have to be verified.

  2. You democrats are a joke when it comes to addressing the issues of the people . I forgot helping criminals are your only thoughts while the good hard working citizens suffer . People need to open there eyes and see the truth who have you helped exactly are the poor poc of color still getting zero help with crappy woke school curriculum which helps them get zero jobs . Are they still living in crime ridden areas . Are the gangs and thrives and murders and rapists still plaguing people in your cities . Then your a complete failure.

  3. When democrats take control, they take control forever! I don’t believe blue cities or states will ever have fair elections again! No matter what level…with the top cops & mayors & governors & in some cases such as K Hobo, an opposed person counting the recall votes, etc. They will always win & sadly stay in complete control!

  4. So exactly what has been done to secure elections in the Country?? I haven’t heard much about it.. dems act pretty confident and continue to do nothing about crime, the border, economy. Mayor was probably involved in the counting process.


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