REPORT: Photos show budding romance between Johnny Depp and a familiar woman

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Johnny Depp is in a romantic relationship with a wealthy London-based lawyer who previously represented him in one of his libel battles, sources close to the actor have told

Attorney Joelle Rich, 37, was on the Hollywood star’s legal team during his lawsuit against UK tabloid The Sun in 2020, and more recently supported him in his explosive defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard in Virginia in April this year.

And it appears the romance between the two was going strong even back then, with exclusive photos showing the secret lovebirds walking close together as they left the Fairfax County Courthouse at the end of proceedings.

According to TMZ, Rich is currently married, but she’s in divorcing her estranged husband, with whom she shares 2 kids.

Rich was not a member of the  Virginia trial team that represented Depp against Amber Heard, but she was a familiar face in court as she offered “support” fir he actor, according to Us Weekly, which broke the story.

During the widely publicized his defamation case, it was speculated that Depp was dating lawyer Camille Vasquez.

“Lots of folks who followed the Virginia trial were convinced … Johnny and Camille were together, something that angered Camille who called the speculation ‘sexist,’” TMZ reported.

“As for Rich, she’s a UK lawyer,” TMZ added. “Her bio says she ‘works to defend [clients’] reputations against false and defamatory allegations in print, online, and on social media.’ It goes on to say she has ‘particular expertise in protecting individuals’ privacy from unwarranted intrusion and media attention.’”

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  1. Johnny Depp is a very nice person,and I’m so happy he got away from the diabolical Amber Heard. Hope he finds happiness with this woman. I watched all of his testimony and feel like he such a fantastic man,very talented in so many ways. He has a band with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry ,I know that Alice Cooper is a Christian so hopefully Johnny will be witnessed to. 🙏🏻

  2. He’s entitled to a life of his own. If he happens to choose her what’s it matter to anyone. Not anyone’s business. Leave Johnny Depp alone. I believed him & watched that trial. She wanted to ruin him. That simple.

  3. Good for him. She attended the trial with his team and it was reported she was an assistant. Whatever the case, he’s been through the wringer and deserves happiness.

  4. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮! What a loser he is. Wakes up in his vomit from his drug and booze filled life. What woman would be so desperate to date him? A lawyer to boot! She must have low self-esteem. My thoughts? Publicity stunt to save face for him and to boost his career. Just like the media tried to say he was dating Camille his other lawyer. Wonder how much he’s paying her? 🤣 No woman in their “right” mind and who had any class would touch Johnny Depp with a 10-foot pole! Yuck!

    • Now that is your option, and I’ll bet you never watched all of his testimony, you probably only heard little snippets taken out of context. He is no loser, talented actor , musician,singer and painter. Plus a good father. And has dressed up as Captain Jack visiting cancer patients at childrens hospitals. Given much money to needy and hospitals.

  5. Though Mr Depp is a talented, charming and seems to be a kind soul you cannot deny that he needs serious professional mental health counseling.
    I do believe from all the testimony from the recent trial that Amber was the true abuser physically. She needs the same aid. Both of them were abusive to each other verbally which can leave worse scars forever. Both of them were unable to get along as a union. Thankfully they had no children together to be able to free from one another.
    However, it’s so unprofessional of an attorney to be flirting and dating during a trial that one is representing their client. These high profile people simply cannot get over themselves to be in the media creating drama and attention. Attorney Rich is a married woman with two children. That in of itself is shameful.
    So now she and her husband are getting a divorce…..
    She should be very concerned about all his addictions and behavior while under the influence of them. Hearing how reckless he can be with regards to that scared me. He needs serious help…
    Do I want to see him be happy in his personal and professional life, of course I do. His main focus right now should be his overall well being and health.
    I don’t see a long lasting committed relationship for either of these two unless he gets help.
    A very sad situation. I hope for his sake he makes a 180 and decides to choose life over romance. Being free from addiction will give him the ability to obtain a healthier relationship with all of whom he associates himself with both personally and professionally.
    Wishing him all the best.

  6. Worry about your own lives! Let him do as he wishes. He is no longer doing drugs and hasn’t for years. Who he dates is no one’s business but his.


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