REPORT: Walmart gunman ‘planned’ break-room massacre, cops found ‘death list’: Sources

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The Walmart gunman who opened fire in the break room of the Chesapeake store where he worked last night had a list of the names of people he wished to target.

In a press release Wednesday evening, the City of Chesapeake identified five of the deceased victims as Lorenzo Gamble, Brian Pendleton, Kellie Pyle, Randall Blevins, and Tyneka Johnson.

[Andre] Bing opened fire in the breakroom at the back of the store. He shot ten people before killing himself.

The sixth deceased victim’s name and photo was withheld due to his age, the city said.

Police found a list of names on Bing, 31,  naming colleagues he planned to target, according to WAVY, who was citing an anonymous source.

Avwitness told WAVY that she felt the shooting was planned, and that Bing was laughing at the time.

The following information is has also been released:

  • There were around 50 people in the Walmart when Bing opened fire
  • the shooting started at 10.12pm Tesday night
  • 14 employees were having a pre-shift meeting when Bing started
  • Two victims were found next to Bing in the break room
  • One victim was found at the front of the store
  • Three victims died at the hospital
  • Four victims are still hospitalized with unspecified injuries.

The City of Chesapeake released a statement saying they are known as the “City That Cares,”therefore “now, more than ever, we know our City will show up and care for those who need it most.”

Officials asked others to “Join us in praying for the family and friends of these community members who we have lost.”

WAVY reports:

A former coworker who worked underneath Bing at the Walmart up until six months ago told 10 On Your Side he knew Bing fairly well and never would’ve predicted this kind of behavior.

“I never saw this coming, not from a million miles away. He was always a little eccentric, a little hyper, but pretty much easygoing, carefree. Sometimes he could be a little hard to get along with, some associates didn’t like him. But I don’t think they bullied him,” he said.

The employee told us he doesn’t believe Bing suffered from any kind of anger problems, but that he was aware there might have been some issues.

“I mean, from what I saw, he was a good guy, but I’ve heard that he had issues, and they tried to talk him through his issues,” he said.

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  1. Another CIA operative used for a false flag gun grab. Need to hold the CIA/FBI/DS accountable for using these mentally ill people to perform these heinous acts to push an agenda…….

  2. I always heard Walmart has the lowest pay and most stressful work with their employers. I think they are overworked and treated like crap. What to expect? An explosion like this one.


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