REPORT: Police dept. chief of liberal city accused of feeding personal intel to anti-police group

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Thousands of photos, names and other personal information for police in Los Angeles were released to an anti-police group that has published the material on a website – sparking a complaint against the city’s top cop from the officers’ labor union. The information’s release endangers police across the city and exposes undercover cops, the union claims, though the group said the information is public information and doesn’t include private addresses.

“This site just went up a day or two ago and puts a bounty on our officers,” Robert Rico, general counsel for the Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL), told Fox News Digital on Thursday. “We are going to court to try and get it taken down and have sent cease-and-desist demands to Google and Twitter.”

A police abolitionist group called Stop LAPD Spying Coalition was able to obtain records for all police officers in the city through a public records request and then posted the information on a website titled “Watch the Watchers.”

The website allows users to search police personnel by name or serial number. They are then linked to a profile page on the searched officer, including their photo, serial number, ethnicity and year of employment.

The police union is surprised by the date breach, and only found out about the matter through a Los Angeles Times reporter who was investigating the story. The union wrote the following in a formal misconduct complaint: “The LAPPL was shocked and dismayed regarding the release of this information and the dire consequences the release of this information would have on the safety of our member Police Officers.”

The police union said in a press release this week that their complaint was specifically filed against LAPD Chief Michel Moore and Police Administrator III Lizabeth Rhodes for “gross negligence and misconduct regarding egregious neglect of duty, false statements, and conduct unbecoming an officer or employee for their role in the public disclosure of personal information that will endanger police officers, especially those working in sensitive assignments.”

Tom Saggau, a spokesman for the LAPPL, told LA Magazine: “Some genius at LAPD f—d up and exposed everybody, including those who are undercover.”

The union is demanding answers on “who knew what and when did they know it,” stating:

“If the Chief did not know, as he has claimed, then who did and when will they get shown the door? We will also be pressing to ensure those officers that are working in sensitive assignments are accorded the appropriate security to keep them and their families safe.”

Since the data was published on its other site, Watch the Watchers, social media has also ignited with violent posts calling for “payback time,” with one Twitter account called “KillerCop™” writing:

“We have now #published over 9000 names and head-shots of numerous regular and #undercover #LAPD officers on ⋊i||ɘɿɔoq.ɔom online. A to Z. Let the games begin!! Remember, nobody pays more for LAPD head-shots then ⋊i||ɘɿɔoq.ɔom Payback time!”

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