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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by Fox News:

A Louisiana police officer providing security at a high school basketball game in New Orleans was shot and killed following a mask-related dispute, authorities said, and a suspect was immediately taken into custody.

Tulane University Police Officer Martinus Mitchum was shot Friday while working at George Washington Carver High School in the 3000 block of Higgins Boulevard, the New Orleans Police Department said.

The article goes on to state the following:

John Shallerhorn, 35, was booked early Saturday for armed robbery and first-degree murder of a policeman, Fox 8 reported, citing Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office jail records.

When Shallerhorn arrived at the school Friday, he allegedly robbed a man sitting in his car in the parking lot. While doing so Shallerhorn showed off his gun and took the victim’s necklace, according to police.

After getting the chain, Shallerhorn then proceeded to go into the school but was stopped because he didn’t have a mask on.

A fight broke out with Shallerhorn and a school employee. At this point Mitchum stepped in and accompanied Shallerhorn out of the school.

As he was leaving, Shallerhorn allegedly shot the officer twice before placing his gun on the ground. He was then taken into custody and booked on murder charges.

Tulane Police Chief Kirk Bouyelas said in a statement, “We are deeply saddened by the senseless and tragic death of TUPD Corporal Martinus Mitchum. Corporal Mitchum was a dedicated police professional who had a heart of service for the Tulane community. We have reached out to his family and are providing support to his fellow officers during this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and with all the fellow officers with whom he served.”

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  1. The article makes it look like he murdered the cop over not wearing a mask, when it was an article about a thug that was being apprehended and then shooting a cop.

    • He tried to enter the building without a mask, got into it with a school employee and when the cop stepped in to take him out of the building the criminal shot the cop.

  2. I knew what he would be when I found his picture – right there is a reason for some of the division – they want equality but, cause most of the crime.

  3. But I thought schools were no gun zones. Who knows what he was planning to do inside that school if that officer hadn’t escorted him out.

  4. I’ll rewrite the headline:
    Another police officer murdered by a mask less BLM thug while protecting the public at a high school basketball game. There

  5. Thank you, Timmy! I like your headline better!
    Another senseless tragedy due to this POS we call a human being!

  6. Hey douchebag Biden ! All your policies with your pals are now working just perfectly you low life F’n scumbag !!!

  7. Shouldnt have to wear masks buts its not worth shooting someone over it. Just leave. I refuse to wear a mask but id just leave if asked to.

  8. Shi!bag will say that he felt threatened by the officer, the judge will agree and do to the systematic racism on display at the basketball game he will be given a year to teach him a lesson and be let go with time served. Oh yeah, then the school will no longer allow officers on campus because they strike fear and anxiety in the hearts and minds of the students and staff.
    Additionally, his legal fees will be paid by president harris through one of her many liberal supported, anonymous, get out of jail free associations that she whole heartedly supported during her bogus run for the presidency.
    I think we all agree that she is running things from behind the curtain anyway… why else would such an outspoken liberal politician be sooo quiet now that she is sitting in office. I actually can’t imagine what goes on in the meetings between her and pelosi… the plans they are working on, right now, behind the scenes are likely to destroy what is left of our once great nation… they have a generation to finish what they started as they will have libs in office for at least that long because they will never allow anyone to will in upcoming elections that is not in the pockets of progressives. They will see to it that former President Trump will lose every state by a very slim margin in 2024. They now have control and will never give it up.

  9. His lawyer will say it was a case of police profiling and brutality, the put upon citizen’s civil rights were being violated and he shot the officer in self defense. Some liberal judge will buy into this , find the defendant not guilty and call for a investigation into the downed officer’s police department


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