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Waukesha police detectives and witnesses of Sunday’s Christmas parade attack said that Darrell Brooks tried to “strike and hurt as many people as possible” as he plowed through the crowd in a “zig zag driving pattern,” according to a criminal complaint filed in the Waukesha County Circuit Court on Tuesday.

“The vehicle took an abrupt left turn into the crowd of parade participants. At this point, it was clear to Officer Butryn that this was an intentional act to strike and hurt as many people as possible,” Waukesha police Captain Tom Wagner wrote in the criminal complaint. “He observed the vehicle appeared to be intentionally moving side to side, striking multiple people, and bodies and objects were flying from the area of the vehicle.”

The article goes on to state the following:

As Officer Butryn yelled, “Stop, stop the vehicle,” Brooks continued past police and barricades, according to the complaint.

“Officer Butryn observed the driver looking straight ahead, directly at him, and it appeared he had no emotion on his face,” Wagner wrote in the complaint.

Five people were killed in the horrific attack on Sunday, and a sixth victim, an 8-year-old child, died on Tuesday.

The report reveals that 62 others were injured.  Among those still hospitalized are 13 children, with 6 in critical condition.

HEARTBREAKING UPDATE: Child identified as 6th fatality in Waukesha parade attack

BREAKING: Bail set for Waukesha parade suspect charged with 5 counts of intentional homicide

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  1. And they still set bail for the idiot. Sure the Dems will post the bond for him. He should have been held without bail considering what he did to his child’s mother as well as his other charges in the past. He is a danger to society without a doubt. This country has went nuts.

  2. I put all the blame on Joe Biden. Isn’t he the guy who let criminals out of jail that should still he in there? Didn’t he & Kamala allow this to happen? When are we going to take this country back & make America great again. Open your freaking eyes & take off your Rose colored glasses. He just released petroleum like water & We are going down fast. Soon we will not recover. We’ll be blaming our neighbors & it will not be good. Wake up America!!!!

  3. Really do they think we are this stupid
    This is all on the MSM’s and democrats shoulders All they do is push idiots like this That hate white people into killing sprees.
    BLM And Antifa are both criminals doing their work of hate.
    This was no different Wonder if Biden and Kamala will pay for his defense BLM has never had anyone taken to jail for killing the black 7 year old in Atlanta Or for bearing to death the young White pregnant woman or the young black man in Seattle they killed or the property’s they destroy or the rapes and the towns they burned down
    There’s the real racism. And there is people who need to be executed for these crimes

  4. Evil bastard! No putting him jail and allowing him to live like the jerk that did the terrorist act in Boston! Kill him!!!!! Think of those poor families that have to bury their loved ones…!! Biden and Obama, I hope you and your ignorant democrats are happy with what you created over your BS of white supremacy! You disgust me!!!


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