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Nearly half of Americans believe President Joe Biden’s actions have hurt the United States, while only 25 percent say his actions have improved the nation, a Wednesday Monmouth Poll revealed.

In less than six months, Americans’ opinions have drastically soured on Biden’s performance amid inflation, the deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan, the supply chain crisis, and the border crisis.

The article goes on to state the following:

The poll also indicated five of the top six concerns Americans face are economic, with coronavirus the outlier at number one. Everyday bills, inflation, job security, the economy, and health care costs rank in the top six in respective order after the virus.

According to the poll, 66 percent of Americans believe the nation is on the wrong track, and only 30 percent believe the US is on the right track.

Biden’s current job approval rating is at 40 percent, which appears to be dropping two percentage points each month for the last four months.

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  1. He’s not my president, never will be. I also thought his approval ratings were in the 30s. Which I don’t see how anyone can think he’s improving anything unless you have stock in pharmaceuticals. Cause they are raking in the money from covid. Biden is a disgusting pervert 🐷

    • He is not the true President. I refer to him as Mr Biden and to Trump as President Trump only. I also can’t believe any American can approve of Biden bettering America.

  2. This FRAUD “resident” is destroying the America I love. The lies that come out of the WH are beyond belief. We need God’s intervention. 🙏🏻

  3. We are being trolled again by this corrupt FAKE polling. Stopped even considering this as a possible truth long ago. Corrupt media continues to play us and MOST fall for the narrative they continue to push. Divide and conquer is their goal and it’s working

  4. I find myself in a place I do not want to be; The way the Left Hated President Trump, I feel the same about Biden. I feel bad because he is a sick man suffering from Dementia; I have talked to Our Dear Lord, about my feeling of hatred for Biden, However; He is a Pedophile, and should not be on the highest position, in this Country. I can not condone his Administration Policies, they continue to blantely distroy this country, they have no requard for the American Citizens…if you do not do as they say- they humiliate and mock you…
    Our Government and the Democratic Party, is a total embarrassment for and Patriotic American…with that being said-
    Nothing Being Done To Stop The Distruction Is Even Worse…

  5. So what should the penalty be for crimes against your country & crimes against humanity? IMO- there are a long list of traitors to country and human kind who have committed offenses. These criminals have existed in politics for generations, but they have now conspired with tech, media, healthcare, education, local government and business. So- the questions remain; What are Americans prepared to do with these people? What are Americans prepared to do to protect their rights, liberties and way of life in the immediate future. If no one is thinking about this- they should.

    And don’t say- Vote them out.
    That ship has sailed.

  6. Biden people have definitely eaten to much Psilocybin. If them folks think Biden is helping our country grow their crazy as hell. The people who voted for this dumbass are truly touched and out of their skulls. Reality means nothing to them. 💩🥴

  7. Used car prices are insane. Used 2002 Toyota Tacomas were selling for about $8000 to $10,000…now they are running $17500-$19,000…crazy. Havent seen gas prices gondown except for maybe 3 cents.

  8. They would try and impeach Trump if he was doing as shitty as Bidum. But clearly we know, the swamp is running the show not Bidum. They are his protection as he continues to blunder about nothing. The media never shows all the mistakes that happen continually. Yes the demons have hurt America, and will stop at nothing. We have seen it.

  9. What world are those 25% living in? How can anyone with common sense think our Country is better off under Biden? And those 27% who think nothing has changed must be living in their mom and pops basement. Get real America! Let’s go Brandon!


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