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ROME — Pope Francis denounced the use of barbed wire to keep migrants out as a “form of hatred” Friday, insisting that the West is responsible for the “universal enslavement” of migrants.

In some places, “barbed wire is set up to prevent the entrance of refugees, those who come in search of freedom, food, assistance, fraternity, joy, those fleeing from hatred but then find themselves facing a form of hatred called barbed wire,” the pope said during a meeting with migrants during his visit to the island nation of Cyprus.

The article goes on to state the following:

Looking at you, I think of “all those people who had to return because they were turned away and ended up in concentration camps, real concentration camps, where the women have been sold, and men tortured and enslaved,” he told them, while insisting that such horrors stem from the indifference of “the West.”

“We are appalled when we read stories of the concentration camps of the last century, those of the Nazis or those of Stalin, and we say: ‘How could this possibly have happened?’ Brothers and sisters, it is happening today, on nearby coasts! Places of enslavement,” the pope declared.

He also made a push for open borders for migrants on Twitter. Saturday morning, he wrote, “I would like to encourage a communitarian vision on the issue of migration, that attention be paid to those in greatest need, so that, in proportion to each country’s means, they will be welcomed, protected, promoted and integrated, in respect for their human rights and dignity.”

In another Twitter post on Friday, he declared, “It is the Lord Jesus whom we meet in the faces of our marginalized and discarded brothers and sisters, in the migrant who is despised, rejected, put in a cage, but also in the migrant journeying toward hope, toward a better human life. #ApostolicJourney.”

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  1. This Pope should open his compound. And he should keep his nose out of others’ business because he has his hands full with all those sexual deviant priests.

  2. Hey. Pope on a rope. You don’t have to worry about illegals breaking in your house. Killing you or your family. You live behind secured walls.

  3. I was born & raised Catholic. Attended parochial school grades 1-10. I’m 71 years old & have zero respect for this hard left leaning pope. I find him as big a hypocrite as Biden.

  4. When do we not use bullets during an invasion with guns, Cartels drugs, Covid and MS 13 , rapist and murderer s entering our country illegally.
    Time to get tough Texas

  5. I agree with the Orthodox priest who yelled “ you are a heretic” to the faux pope. I was happy to see someone say that to liberation theologist (aka socialism) to francis, and know that francis heard what the Orthodox priest said.

  6. The vatican fell in lock-step with the nazi’s during world war II and didn’t do anything to help stop the genocide that the nazi’s carried out. The pope has no right now to lecture the west as to illegal aliens.

  7. This satanic pope needs to mind his own business. Open up your gated compound and let these people in.oh those rules don’t apply to you. Typical liberal!!

  8. People you forget Our government seeks him out as if He was the The Lord God of Heaven . Of which he thinks he is That crown he wears says in Roman numerals 666 satans number
    He had the last Pope removed because he didn’t follow Satan
    This pope is the false prophet and when people stop following him The. They will talk directly to God himself You need no man to confess to This is a mortal man who will die God is no man and will never die.
    Our country gives millions to him
    He is For sex with children and is a child traffickers

  9. That old child molester can allow the illegal aliens at his place. He should be an embarrassment to the catholic people. But the catholics i know are democrats that support abortion. Hypocrites

  10. Integrate into our communities? They DO NOT want to integrate they want handouts and for the governments of those countries to give in to their demands! Not wanting an invasion of freeloaders in your country is in NO way inhumane. If he’s so concerned about the treatment of the people in their own countries then he needs to work on it there so they don’t leave their country. This Pope is a member of the woke socialist mob mentality. Is Vatican City taking in, caring for these migrants “just coming to have a better and safe life”? I’ve seen nothing about the Pope putting his city/country where his mouth is! Again an out of touch elitist “do as I say not as I do”!

  11. Whatever happened to sovereignty. The United States of America deserves sovereignty and illegal immigrants are threatening our borders. Migration of people to settle newly discovered land by migrating is one thing but knocking and busting into a country is another. We, in America, accept migrants on an application to immigrate. But do not assault us. The Pope is unrealistic. I’m a Roman Catholic but I don’t believe in breaking my country’s immigration laws.


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