REPORT: Popular soap opera officially ends run on NBC, but the show must go on

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“Days of Our Lives” has reached the end of an era. The soap opera has been NBC’s longest-running series, but will soon find a new home on the Peacock streaming platform.

The network announced that the show would be moving to the streaming platform this coming fall and a new show will air in the time slot that “Days of Our Lives” previously held. The replacement will be “NBC News Daily” which will be anchored by Kate Snow, Aaron Gilchrist, Vicky Nguyen and Morgan Radford.

The article goes on to state the following:

Even though “Days of Our Lives” has reached its end of airing on network television, the show is not over. There will still be new daily episodes (available to Peacock Premium subscribers) released on the platform staring on September 12. There will also be over 14,000 of the shows old episodes available for subscribers to watch.

Independent filmmaker Kristina Sullivan tweeted, “Really NBC?! The iconic Days of our Lives has been on NBC for 57 years and now it’s being moved exclusively to Peacock!? This is horrible news!! So many fans of the show watch it every weekday at 1pm on NBC and that shouldn’t change!! Days should stay on NBC!!”

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  1. Replace it with the news, like we don’t get enough of that. Seriously, Days of Our Lives is an escape from this reality. From the day to day bullshit we have going on. At least we knew it was just a made up story. Now we will get more lies.

  2. Won’t be watching even though I’ve been a loyal viewer since 1965. NBC has turned into just a sports and fake news station. Won’t be watching anything on that broadcast from the days Days Of Our Lives leaves! I hope they go under.

  3. Tell my mom and other 70 and 80 year old women that they have to subscribe to Peacock to watch their favorite show. Not all of our seniors are tech savvy or can afford streaming services. And I doubt they have it in nursing homes. Just a ridiculous decision by NBC.

  4. Are you kidding me? A supposedly news show? I think maybe competition for the crap show, The View. God help us. Don’t watch any of the crap networks anymore anyway. Thank God for comedy reruns.
    DOOL was the only soap opera I ever watched. Still see some of the originals here, Doug Juliee and Mariana. All began with McDonald Carey.and the Horton Family. Great show in its day.


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