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A perpetrator reportedly vandalized a Washington State crisis pregnancy center, smashing windows and leaving graffiti tags with one menacing message reading, “If abortion isn’t safe you aren’t either,” KTTH reported.

Heather Vasquez, Director of Next Step Pregnancy Center in Lynwood, Washington, told KTTH’s the Jason Rantz Show that the facility was vandalized either “very late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.” The center provided the station with a video of the incident that can be seen below:

The article goes on to state the following:

“It sounds like one person that we could see on the video came by and just took it upon themselves to throw rocks and break five of our front windows,” she continued. “And then spray painted all over the front door and the front walkway and in the back walkway in the wall.”


KTTH reported the vandal used the same scribe “If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either” earlier in the month at another anti-abortion center; Madison headquarters of Wisconsin Family Action.

Vasquez, Director of Next Step Pregnancy Center in Lynwood, Washington, said “Jane’s Revenge” was found at the back of the Washington facility this week. She believes they were referring to Jane Roe.

A pregnancy center in Baltimore Maryland was also vandalized earlier this month using similar phrases.

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  1. That’s how the progressives work !! In the dark or pack animals,,, all cowards and the Soros administration controls them !!

  2. God is real, His commandments are the law all will be judged by. He is not mocked. Every evil act is recorded in His books of records. Be carful which side you take. Life is precious to God and He will repay for the evil you support.
    If you don’t believe God will judge you, remember Noah, he spoke of the coming judgment for 120 years, and for 120 years they mocked him, until it started to rain.


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