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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by NPR.ORG:

The PGA of America has canceled plans to hold a major golf tournament at a Trump Organization golf course in New Jersey next year, citing concern over the organization’s “brand.”

The PGA of America Board of Directors voted Sunday night to terminate the agreement to play the 2022 PGA Championship at Trump Bedminster in New Jersey, Jim Richerson, the PGA of America president, announced.

The article goes on to state the following:

Richerson said in a video posted on the organization’s site that the decision was made “to ensure that PGA of America and PGA professionals can continue to lead and grow our great game for decades to come.”

Update on the 2022 PGA Championship from PGA of America on Vimeo.

PGA member Scott Masters responded, tweeting, “I am absolutely sickened by the decision my own organization has made in regards to not going to a Trump owned facility. There is no way that our Board of Directors has ALL THE FACTS about the supposed attack in DC. Totally uncalled for. Be better PGA. Very sad day!”

To get more information about this article, please visit NPR.ORG.

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  1. Look out PGA….. you will be the next NFL! Won’t be watching any golf from now on. Bad move guys. Really bad more. MAGA!

  2. I hope they take a big hit just like the NFL, NBA, MLB & all the others did. Now it will get worse for them! Pucker up you a$$holes. It’s coming!!!!

  3. What America is doing to President Trump is disgusting…He had many rallies and not one got out of hand so could it be possible that a few bad apples got way out of hand or was it also set up??? America talks about racism and hate and they are doing exactly that not thinking that the young ones are watching and listening…Lots has gone down in the country and many should have been held accountable but they we’re not!!!! Like Benghazzi 4 men died because of Hilary and Obama but swept under the carpet many more like that….So now you will have Biden and the crime family most know about him and his son Hunter…Need I say more???????? Pelosi we could write a book on her family and the recent arrest of her brother for child rape…

  4. F U PGA… you are now classified with the NFL..

    Even though I’d rather watch paint dry then watch golf, this solidifies it!!

    Then I hear they want to digitally remove Trump from his cameo appearance in Home Alone .. what the hell is wrong with this country.. I don’t know my country anymore. Either we lose our country or we need to stand our ground!

  5. As Americans we need t stand up to the sensorship and control by the left. Stop trying to sugar coat it by saying Socialism instead of what it really is, Communism. We need to stop watching sports, using credit cards, or shopping at businesses and big tech that are literally attacking us, the people. I am going off FaceBook, American Express, etc. they don’t need our business because the are billionaires and control us. We are more powerful than they are if you use your power.

  6. I for one know that Antifa the Crat brown shirts played a large role in this violence. I’m saddened that these people are not waiting to find out the truth. We lost a unarmed 14 yr veteran who was shot in the neck by a man over zealous in the extreme. Antifa was standing by the door also. Shame on the golf community for jumping ship.

  7. The PGA…really! I have watched, for the first time in my life, a sitting United States President attacked daily. All political parties are subject to these things, unfortunately, but never at the level I have watched Trump and his entire family and friends get attacked. Hate him if you want to, but you cannot take away his accomplishments. His self sacrifice, his dedication, his passion and love for this country. To silence a lion only brings out the whole pack.

  8. The PGA has apparently decided to join that elite group of assholes that includes the NFL and the NBA as well as the USA women’s soccer team. I won’t be watching any of their Saturdays and Sundays golf matches anymore

  9. That’s ok PGA we will boycott you trust me and we will hurt you in your pocket 80 million strong, take your
    Bullshit somewhere else,

    We will remember this moment

  10. Just shows how stupid people can be!!! Where was the outrage last summer with all that rioting etc etc etc???? Trump had nothing to do with what others decide to do! He did not incite anyone!

  11. so Americans, with all of these things happening in front of our eyes, what are we suppose to do??? Seriously. Can there be a law suit against our leaders for failing the american people with whats going on, hold them accountable for not upholding oath to the constitution and the rule of law for the protection of the people, especially with those deep states. I know we are not to go to the capital on January 20, do not go there. But now what?

  12. There are 75 million people who support this president an you did too. Your memory is short. Unless you attended the rally that day and was on the front line, You don’t have all the facts.
    Welcome to the NFL.


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