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Advocates and lawmakers are stepping up the pressure on President Biden to act on student loan forgiveness, focusing on it as a major issue some warn Democrats could pay for at the ballot box in the upcoming midterm elections.

Biden has been called on to work with Congress on the issue and provide more transparency about his authority to wipe out all federal student debt for millions of Americans. The extension once again of the student loan repayment pause amid record spikes in COVID-19 cases made advocates optimistic that more action will come out of the White House.

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“Pressure is mounting from all fronts. It’s mounting from grassroots, it’s mounting from the public, and it’s mounting from members of Congress. And the reality of the economy, the midterms, there are several pressures that are aligning. They really have to deliver,” said Thomas Gokey, an organizer with the Debt Collective.

Biden recently extended the pause on federal student loan payments for another 90 days, but progressives are continuing to demand that Biden cancel student debt completely.

In November, Somalian refugee Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) tweeted, “President Biden can cancel student debt with the flick of a pen AND boost our economy in the process. Last month, Rep. Omar led a letter calling on the Administration to release the memo on student debt cancellation, and ultimately cancel student debt. We’re still waiting.”

Last month, Black Lives Matter activist Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) demanded, “With all due respect, @POTUS — you ran on a promise to cancel student loan debt. Payments are set to resume in the New Year and our communities are not ready for this. $85 billion will be taken from people’s pockets next year if you don’t act. Cancel. Student. Debt.”

Bush ramped up her demand on Wednesday, declaring, “Student loan repayments have been on hold since the start of the pandemic.@POTUS recently extended the pause for 90 additional days. The next step? Cancel it all.”

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) tweeted on Wednesday, “.@POTUS must #CancelStudentDebt & do right by the movement that elected him.”

“A painful reminder that student debt cancellation is an inter-generational justice issue.
@POTUS must #CancelStudentDebt & free the millions of families being crushed by this crisis,” Pressley also tweeted this week.

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  1. No, no, hell no! Only people in favor of screwing the working stiffs again are the freeloading snowflakes who had a ball for 4 years .

    Wake up people. Impeach in Feb. of 2023.

  2. What about all those who worked their way through college so they didn’t have to take out a loan? What about all the parents who worked hard to put their children through college? Do they get their money back? What about those who plan on taking out student loans when they graduate high school in a couple years, will they have to pay it back?

  3. Absolutely DO NOT use MY taxpayer dollars to pay off student loans.

    These people borrowed the money, they ALL need to pay it back. It is THEIR debt, and THEIR responsibility to pay back the money they borrowed – not my responsibility. Period.


  5. This is bullshit! They want everything and want to let the taxpayers pay it. The government gonna pay my house off to free up more money for the economy. These people are stupid. Its not my job to support all the damn freeloaders.

  6. This is bullshit! They want everything and want to let the taxpayers pay it. The government gonna pay my house off to free up more money for the economy. These people are stupid. Its not my job to support all the damn freeloaders.

  7. Are they going to refund my years of sacrifice to pay for my children’s educations? They took the Loans out and let them work like the rest of us did to pay them off.
    Talk about buying votes.

  8. Not all parents are paying their kids student debt. I for one won’t pay it for my daughter. These people creating a generation of moochers. If those kids took loans they knew what they were getting into and put their signature on it.

  9. I think if Biden wants to give college kids 100k he should give all of us 100k just think how the truely poor would benefit from that. LET’S NOT BE STUPID college kids pay your own way.

  10. As a Bankruptcy Attorney who believes in giving people a fresh start in life, I am actually hoping that Biden does erase SOME student loans for people that genuinely NEED it. We have a huge problem with these loans. I will give you a scenario that has happened in one way or another to many people we know and love.
    For example you have a neighbor, her name is Sally. Sally is not a 20 year old or a 30 year old she is 45. Sally was 18 or 20 when she took out her student loan and she really had no clue what she was getting into ( there really should be a mandatory financial education class to take before taking out any loan) after college she knew that she would have to repay that loan. She knew that so long as she was in school she did not have to pay. She did not realize that the interest would accrue on the loan. Once out of school Sally has to repay that loan and she does so for many years. Unfortunately, after paying thousands back in mostly interest, Sally’s life suddenly took a turn for the worse and she had an accident, a divorce, an illness, a child with special needs, a number of children that forced her to take a break from work, fill in the blank it doesn’t matter what started her problem but she has one. And now Sally cannot pay any of her bills much less her student loan bills. Now Sally can file for Bankruptcy and get most of her bills wiped away but not her student loan debt. While Sally couldn’t work, she received food stamps, and Medicaid. She may have even received Welfare or disability payments. Unless she gets back on her feet with a job that pays her health insurance and enough money to live on, she will continue not to pay her loans (initially she put them on forbearance and now she pays as she earns) Otherwise, since there is no real middle class in this country, she will have to decide if she will work crazy hours and pay for health insurance (thank you Obama) or her student loan debts. There is no way she can pay both and feed her kids, and still live a decent life. Oh and when she was not working, all those years that she pent paying off her loans are gone. Thousands of dollars that she did pay and poof it is gone because once she stopped paying the loans her interest accrues again and it is as if she started off right after graduation.
    My first bankruptcy case was done pro bono. The man was blind. I cannot say that he had student loans because I honestly cannot remember. Nevertheless, he was so embarrassed to have the need to file. I had to reassure him that he was not a bad person for needing to file bankruptcy. Life happens to all of us.
    Please show your compassion to people that truly struggle with life. I want Biden to cancel some student debt but he should do so conditionally. Has the person been out of school for 10 – 15 years. Is the person’s household making under a certain amount of money? (Sally’s not sitting around eating bon bons while her hubby makes $250K a year) Did that person ever make any genuine effort to repay the loan?
    Also, I don’t think that a person should have to go through Bankruptcy to receive some relief. (No I don’t want to make money off of those people) Give Sally and other’s like her the chance to crawl back to a normal life with her head held up high. With this pandemic we will see too many of these individuals that will face the game of either pay for health insurance or Student Loans or just stay in the system and live off welfare and food stamps. In the long run we as a nation will pay much less for Sally by helping her out with student debt than we will for letting her stay in the system. By the way there are MANY older individuals that cannot pay back student loans debts because life does happen.


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