REPORT: Professor demands Black staff get special paid time off to deal with ‘fatigue,’ ‘trauma’ from systemic racism

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A critical race theorist and professor demanded that Black people should get special bereavement leave and counseling services in order to deal with issues relating to systemic racism.

Angel Jones is a visiting professor at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville whose work is grounded in critical race theory and critical race feminism.

CRT is an ideology and lens that holds America’s institutions are systemically racist and views individuals in an oppressor vs. oppressed narrative. Critical race theory postulates that policies that privilege oppressed people should be implemented in order to achieve equity and make up for historical wrongs.

In her op-ed article, published on Feb. 23 in Times Higher Education, Jones wrote:

One way I affirm the importance of students’ whole selves is by acknowledging the impact societal events may have on them personally and professionally. In alignment with this practice, I reached out to my students when the video of the murder of Tyre Nichols was released. As I was writing the email, my primary concern was the mental and emotional well-being of my students. However, the tears streaming down my face as I typed let me know that ignoring my own feelings was impossible – which wasn’t surprising given the numerous times I have cried while sending similar emails.

Jones discussed sending out emails to her students whenever a Black person is killed, to help them heal, but then lamented that no one is providing any counseling for her.  She wrote:

But while those obviously copy-pasted, campus-wide emails are the bare minimum, Black faculty and staff don’t even get that. Where is the acknowledgment of our pain? Where are our counseling services? Where is our grace for missed meetings and deadlines while we mourn? Yes, we have jobs to do and students to support, but we also have trauma to process.

She added:

Although it is customary for employees to receive support and understanding while grieving the loss of a loved one, the same care is rarely shown to the Black community when we lose someone in horrific and traumatic ways. Where’s our Black bereavement leave?

Jones then declared in her op-ed that Black faculty and staff need counseling provided for them, along with time off to grieve.

Posting a link to her op-ed on Twitter, Jones declared, “This is, by far, one of the most personal articles I have written.”

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