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Russian President Vladimir Putin may have staged a recent visit to a military hospital in Moscow to meet with wounded soldiers, according to eagle-eyed online users who claimed to have recognized one of the “patients” from a previous event.

Wearing a white lab coat, Putin was seen on video and in still photos talking to pajama-clad soldiers at Mandryk military hospital, which marked his first such visit since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

The article goes on to state the following:

But a day later, Adam Rang, a self-described “counter-propaganda” activist living in Estonia, tweeted that one of the soldiers in the hospital looked eerily familiar.

“Putin met with a wounded solider who, by a strange coincidence, was also a factory worker he previously met,” Rang stated.

Rang posted a photo of the soldier Putin claimed to have met in the hospital room and a man who has “a receding hairline and a distinctive widow’s peak” from the crowd who met Putin on the earlier occasion.

He also included other seemingly similar looking people present at other events.

Others posted additional views and examples.


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  1. Well look he just trying to show he cares but he can’t trust anybody, so he just talks and gets close to people he knows. I don’t blame him at all. He may not be a perfect man. But some of our democrates are way worst than Putin!

  2. 1000٪ fake !…Putin NEVER met anyone. All fake just Iike we do here in the U.S. with crisis actors and EVERYTHING NASA does about space…ALL A HOAX !


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