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Russian President Vladimir Putin will ban certain commodity and raw material exports, according to a decree from Moscow on Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The Russian cabinet will determine what specific commodities will be included in the ban, with Putin giving it two days to formulate a list, the WSJ reported. The ban will be in effect until Dec. 31, according to the decree.

The article goes on to state the following:

The goal of the ban is to ensure “the security of the Russian Federation and the uninterrupted functioning of industry,” according to the decree, the WSJ reported. The Biden administration announced earlier on Tuesday it would ban U.S. imports of Russian energy in response to Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

BREAKING: Congress reaches deal on billions in Ukraine aid

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  1. Biden is a chicken s&&t! He forced the Congress and Senate to not pass a bill forbidding Russian imports, so he can take credit. What a worthless POS!!!

  2. This man is so compromised, Hunter receiving millions from mayor of Moscows wife, Joe calling for an end to the investigation into the corruption at the Ukrainian oil company that hunter was on the board receiving millions from. Joe needs to tried for treason . Let’s Go Brandon.

  3. Biden and Hunter need for treason because both of them took millions of dollars. And hunter having an affair the the other guys wife and I wonder if he has any children over there also how about Hunter wife is she divorcing asshole Hunter. Also we don’t need buy anything from Russia . Puto which is Putin can keep everything because we have other countries to import merchandise to the United States.


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