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Russia’s Vladimir Putin sought to assuage the concerns of his country’s military moms Tuesday, 12 days into his invasion of Ukraine, while doubling down on the claim that his full-scale attack is a defensive move.

“I’d like to address the mothers, wives, sisters, brides and girlfriends of our soldiers and officers who are in battle now,” he said in a televised address, according to a translation from Russian.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I know how worried you are for your loved ones,” he continued. “You can be proud of them just as the whole country is proud and feels for them.”

Putin claimed the Russian troops were deployed for a defensive “special military operation.”

Putin’s comments came a day after a fiery confrontation between a group of mothers and Sergey Tsivilev, governor of the Kuzbass region in Siberia, as they accused the Russian military of using their sons as “cannon fodder.”

“We were all deceived, all deceived,” one woman was heard shouting at Tsivilev. “They were sent there as cannon fodder. They are young. They were unprepared.”

The video was translated and released by The Telegraph on Monday.

It is uncertain how many Russian troops have been killed in the war against Ukraine so far.  The Kremlin claims they’ve only lost about 500 troops, while the United States has estimated the number at 3,000.

However, Ukraine officials say they have killed an estimated 12,000 Russian troops.

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  1. The US citizens should have a writing campaign. Everyone that has a contact in Russia should send them newspaper articles, emails, texts with pictures of Ukraine’s devastation. Anything about Putin’s killings need to be in everyone’s hands in Russia since the Russian people can not get correct information. Just one little thing that we can possibly do.

  2. God bless the mothers that has to see their sons go off to war my son is one of those service men.. God bless America and God bless Ukraine..

  3. Some of those mothers may have lost their sons already, sacrificed for the sake of Putin’s ego and Biden’s wallet.


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