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A Russian lawmaker is warning Friday that recent comments from Poland’s leaders are encouraging Moscow to “put it in first place in the queue for denazification after Ukraine.”

Russian State Duma Deputy Oleg Morozov, using language Russia has sought to justify its bloody invasion of Ukraine, made the remark on his Telegram page, according to Russian state media.

The article goes on to state the following:

“By its statements about Russia as a ‘cancer tumor’ and about the ‘indemnity’ that we must pay to Ukraine, Poland encourages us to put it in first place in the queue for denazification after Ukraine,” Morozov reportedly wrote.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki recently wrote a column for the Telegraph criticizing Putin, as well as the propaganda he is spreading about the Ukraine war.

It’s been 79 days since Russia first invaded Ukraine.

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  1. Looks like Biden’s bluff will be called.if Russia goes after Poland , all Nato nation’s will be fully engaged and that Mr Biden is why you don’t shut down our oil wells you idiot. Now start pumping oil immediately.

  2. Let’s hope Putin dies of cancer if he in fact has cancer before he starts WW III. If he is having this much trouble with one small country how does he expect to do against NATO, unless he goes nuclear and brings in China. If that happens God help the world.


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