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The $174,000 congressional salary is difficult on “working and middle class” lawmakers, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) asserted this week on Instagram.

“Only 10 women in the history of the United States have ever given birth while serving in Congress. 10,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote in a story posted to her Instagram, referring to the U.S. House of Representatives as a “hostile place to have a baby,” as vote schedules “pretty much” assume that no one has a family, as they change often and require frequent travel.

The article goes on to state the following:

Not only that, Ocasio-Cortez complained, but there are thousands of dollars worth of out-of-pocket expenses.

She said, “The job requires you to pay $25k+ in out of pocket work expenses that are NOT reimbursable or tax deductible, no housing allowance despite requiring you to pay for/rent 2 homes or else risk losing your job (hence the above huge work expenses), no included dental or vision insurance, no eligibility for PSLF, etc.” She did admit that her opinion on the issue is not popular, citing, “a lot of fake memes about Congress voting to give themselves pay increases.”

Ocasio-Cortez continued, “But I assure you this is not true.”

She wrote, What is really going on is that huge numbers of members of Congress are independently wealthy. The ones who actually rely on salary come from working and middle class backgrounds. So b) it’s easy for wealthy members to vote AGAINST cost of living adjustments for the working class members to score political points, but then c) many will then engage in stock trading … because they know they’ve created an impossible $ situation and that’s how they work around it.”

She added, “So basically if you’re a normal working person that comes into this job and refuses to do insider trading,” she continued, insinuating that she does not, “then you are playing an already hard job on extra hard mode both personally and professionally.”

John Gage tweeted Wednesday, “.@AOC complains her $174,000 congressional salary is too low to start a family on. Says it makes it difficult for ‘working and middle class’ members like her.

“@AOC doubles down on Defund the Police. Says that rising crime is proof that policing doesn’t working.”

“@AOC blames our current political and economic problems on the country’s ‘Protestant work ethic.'”

“@AOC voices support for Columbia’s new socialist government.”

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  1. What a POS. AOC cry me a river as you’re driving your Tesla in your $5,000 dress. Meanwhile you and your Democrats congresspersons making millions from insider trading, but the peasants go to jail jf they do what do. Total Hypocrite

  2. Seriously, these overpaid corrupt criminals? They all leave as multi millionaires, wonder how that happens. This idiot is a prime example of what’s wrong with the pathetic political system in America. It will lead to our demise

  3. Excuse me while I go throw up now! She makes any true American that sick! She needs to be back bar tending where she might understand just a tiny bit what a real working person is! Wench! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  4. She is doing absolutely nothing for the country or her constituents and still wants more money for doing nothing! I raised 3 kids as a single parent, no child support because the speem donor was a loser, and I was making about $50K per year, yes it was in the 90s but $38K did not equal to what it would amount to in 2022!!! She’s so pathetic.

  5. Does this ingrate ever stop whining? Don’t worry AOC, hopefully you’ll get voted out and can go back to NY and tend bar and not have to worry about supporting two homes. Doesn’t your fiancée contribute financially? Between the two of you you must be taking in over $300K. Not enough? How do you think the peasants survive?

  6. $174,000 a year is $150,000 a year more than I make. Those poor babies. On a good year, I might make $28,000 a year and that depends on the economy which sucks now!! Thank s to those whiners. I can’t even afford to retire and I probably worked longer and harder than any of them sniveling little brats. This country is really pissing me off. We need to throw their tea into the harbor!


  8. If she wasn’t so stupid & ignorant maybe she could publish a book on her achievements! Oh that’s right, she doesn’t have any in 5 years, LMAO!

  9. Proof zombies without brains do exist. What a ignorant dingbat. And Archie thought Edith was a dingbat!!!!!! Please do us all a favor and move to Columbia. See how you like it in a couple of years but I’m sure you will get in with the regime and do just fine with your sugar daddy. How did you even learn how to mix drinks.

  10. Not a good look AOC …plenty of workers here in America make it on WAY less and many have children.Are you trying to talk down to regular Americans? Or does your belittling of others just come naturally 🤔. 🙄🙄

  11. If you was really average working person get a 2nd job that we have to do to survive we don’t get free health care like congress , illegals and welfare people!!! We don’t get free or low rent like illegals and welfare!! This is all given to you and all the other freeloaders on working class tax payers backs

  12. Oh please spare me. You have so many perks it’s not even funny. You stand there on your high horse screaming to defund the police without a care about the safety of your own constituents while their taxes pay for your security. We pay for your medical and you live with your fiance which if I remember correctly someone said is a millionaire. You knew you would have to keep two residencies. Why not sleep in your office like some to. I don’t want to hear it when you have a Tesla and an expensive dog. There are people suffering worse than you right now and I bet like fools voted for you.

  13. Oh, how quickly the stupid server forgets, $174,000 is not middle class….IT’S WEALTHY. My heart bleeds purple peanut butter you foolish Demotard!

  14. Oh, how quickly the bar server forgets….$174,000 is not even close to middle-class…’s WEALTHY! Stupid effing Demotard.

  15. Oh, how quickly the stupid server forgets, $174,000 is not middle class….IT’S WEALTHY. My heart bleeds purple peanut butter you foolish POS!

  16. I suggest she secure new job with a better salary and benefits. ASAP. Poor thing can’t live on this salary….perhaps she shouldn’t have purchased a a TESLA! Just saying…..And I’m sure we’d all be very happy for her if she left before her term expired.


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