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In a last ditch effort to counter the $1.9 trillion coronavirus package passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in the early hours Saturday morning, frustrated Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar submitted an amendment that slashed non relief spending and offered $10,000 stimulus checks instead.

“I offered an amendment to prioritize $10,000 stimulus checks to Americans most affected by COVID-19 and lockdowns,” Gosar said in a statement to Fox News Saturday. “Instead, Democrats chose foreign aid, Big Tech transit, and Pelosi’s political priorities over direct relief to American citizens.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Gosar’s amendment called for the removal of 10 agenda items out of the American Rescue Plan’s more than 200 sections, including funding for the arts, federal and corporate transit projects, “vaccine confidence activities” and foreign aid.

Gosar said, “People need help with car payments, mortgage and rent, and everyday necessities. The government broke it. Now government must fix it. The people, not corporations or billionaires, need this money to survive.”

The Arizona Republican added that a $10,000 stimulus check should considered “a down payment.”

According to the report, the amendment was a nonstarter with House Democrats.

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  1. And needs to be for the working American. Not to those who already getting government assistance with housing, food stamps, afdc. People who pay taxes not those who spend my taxes for free. And not for corporate multi millionaires.

    • I kind of resent your comment, I feel you are calling me a deadbeat. I am on Social Security Disability, but I paid into SS for the 35 some years that I worked and now that I can’t get around well with my bad knees to work I am taking advantage of that which I paid into. I am living on $1200 a month (and $16 a month in food stamps). This money has to cover all my expenses and that is the basics and doesn’t leave much so a stimulus check every so often is kind of nice it let’s me breath a little bit. So I really resent your implications and I resent being called a deadbeat.

      • Not referencing those on Social Security you have worked and not the same as those who receive assistance that have not really financially earned or contributed to. More in foodstamps for 2 adults than I pay for with my earnings after taxes,insurance etc. This would include my 88 y/o widowed father who lives alone and was self employed the majority of my life. No insult intended. M

        • Thanks for clearing that up. We are on SS and my 75 year old spouse works part time so we can afford to make ends meet. When prices of everything goes up we have to decide what does or does not get paid. Usually we make sacrifices somewhere. Never thought this is how we would be living in retirement. I thank God for I know some are worse off than us

        • Thank you Michelle for your clarification. I’m living on $720 a month Social Security, having worked all my life. Try living off that kind of existence and thats exactly what it is…existence. If it weren’t for food and medical assistance I don’t know what I’d do. Don’t think for one minute I wouldn’t be thrilled to get $10,000 stimulus!

  2. Yeah, that would be a very nice check to get. I agree, if they’d cut out all that other unrelated and foreign non sense. Why do we need to help other countries? Are other countries sending America any aid??

    • Amen! Unless they’re sending money to foreign countries or using it for their pet projects they’re not in favor of giving the American people anything except a hard time.

  3. The democrats have continued to give Americans’ hard earned money to others who are not even Americans! This has been a practice for decades. This wasteful spending should be exposed. It’s only Pres. Trump who always expose this political norm in DC.

  4. good to hear but my next door to me mother and daughter since she received their stimulus check trying to show off wearing sun glasses 6 o’clock in the afternoon with son wearing very very short shorts and just cover their their two mountain looks prostitute..only 1,200.00 and 6 hundred so come if 10 thousand…

  5. I’d read long ago when this first started someone figured out if all the money staying the states, not go overseas we could all get $6000.00. Then I heard Trump wanted to give all a lot more than that like 20,000. Don’t know how true this is. He said we deserve money


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