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Gov Larry Hogan (R) said Thursday that Maryland’s first lady, Yumi Hogan, has tested positive for COVID-19.

In a statement on his Twitter account, Hogan revealed that his wife tested positive for a breakthrough infection “as part of our weekly testing regimen.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Yumi Hogan is currently experiencing “mild symptoms” as a result of being “vaccinated and boosted,” the governor added.

“We want to again take this opportunity to urge Marylanders to get boosted for maximum protection against the Omicron variant,” Gov. Hogan wrote.

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  1. Just a cold!!
    Stop pushing the deadly jab its NOT a vaccin!
    After 3 shots n boosters if you dont realize that my now you are morons!
    England is done with this BS
    UK has filed in international court case of crimes againt humanity in dec 2021!!
    Keep Records of everyone pushing this jab, giving the jab, etc,,, hopefully it will happen in United States!

  2. That’s OK, the governor can go ahead and take my booster! It kills me how they pretend that only the vaccinated have the mild symptoms! My sister-in-law just had a terrible case of Covid and so did her aunt and one of them was not vaccinated the other one was fully vaccinated, their symptoms were all the same! I was recently surprised, while reading back on many of my memories on Facebook just how many times I was sick through the years with colds. I have faithfully, every day, been taking my dmlcbd oil for almost 3 years now and have not been sick. I have no other reason for telling you this except that, I think there’s something to that!

  3. STOP SAYING COVID 19, ITS BEEN GONE FOR A YEAR NOW. Nobody test positive for “covid 19” we are NOW at Omicron or the flu and EVERYONE will be infected.

  4. How many Americans believe viruses have been something naturally found in our environment ?????????
    I bet that would be half of you who are the fools they use.
    Viruses are all man made for one purpose To kill and make sick Why do you think they are pushing so hard 👋Bacteria is natural to our environment
    Covid has been around since the early 50’s That the as The CDC’s creation.
    But Fauci’s cocktail of killer viruses added to the 4000 strains of flu ‘viruses Will definitely do what Bill Gates And his fathers club wants Reducing The world by 90 %
    Hogan needs to be replaced. Anybody pushing the deadly vaccines is a killer No matter what party they are in Just this week the CDC that produces these deadly virus’s Have put out their own findings that the unvaccinated are better equipped to survive than the vaccinated But with the help of idiots like this Who Are fueling the call for stupid killings and encampments of the unvaccinated
    Even the CDC will not give the actual number of deaths caused by the covid 19 virus
    Why Because they counted everything Only fools believed other medical issues took a break to let covid get its numbers up. And people walked the halls of hospitals showing you with cameras they were empty.
    And while they refused treatment of cancer Over 10,000 children died across America And even more adults with cancer died Including my friend


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