REPORT: Democratic rep says he might vote in favor of impeaching Mayorkas over border wall construction

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A House Democrat said he might vote in favor of impeaching Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas over the construction of two 30-foot walls at the border with Mexico.

Rep. Juan Vargas (D-Calif.) said at a press conference on Friday that he might vote for an impeachment resolution if Republicans bring one up against Mayorkas, though for different reasoning than his GOP colleagues.

While Republicans have slammed Mayorkas and the Biden administration for high numbers of undocumented immigrants coming into the country, Vargas said he might vote to impeach Mayorkas over the issue of the border walls being built at Friendship Park in San Diego.

Vargas wants Mayorkas and President Biden to halt the construction.

“He told us that he would help us, and he hasn’t done it,” Vargas said, referring to Mayorkas. “He betrayed us.”

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  1. Get it the hell moving then. Quit beating around the bush. Fire this traitor mayorkas, then hang him for treason against the US.

  2. Many more Dumbocrats should want that lying fool gone. Overloading our entire system, education, medical, courts, law enforcement, I mean this is insane!


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