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SAN DIEGO (AP) — Veteran-led rescue groups say the Biden administration’s estimate that no more than 200 U.S. citizens were left behind in Afghanistan is too low and also overlooks hundreds of other people they consider to be equally American: permanent legal residents with green cards.

Some groups say they continue to be contacted by American citizens in Afghanistan who did not register with the U.S. Embassy before it closed and by others not included in previous counts because they expressed misgivings about leaving loved ones behind.

The article goes on to state the following:

As for green card holders, they have lived in the U.S. for years, paid taxes, become part of their communities and often have children who are U.S. citizens. Yet the administration says it does not have an estimate on the number of such permanent residents who are in Afghanistan and desperately trying to escape Taliban rule.

According to the Associated Press report, the number of American citizens and green card holders still stranded in Afghanistan is closer to at least 400.

Mike Jason, who runs an ad-hoc rescue operation called Allied Airlift 21, said his volunteer group has been in contact with 78 green card holders trapped in the country, but that the figure does not capture the scale of the problem. Add their spouses and children to the tally, he said, and the number rises to nearly 400.

White House chief of staff Ron Klain claimed in a CNN interview on Sunday that only about 100 were left behind.

Last week, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken claimed that the number of Americans were “under 200, and likely closer to 100 — who remain in Afghanistan and want to leave.”

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  1. I don’t understand why we can’t get those planes off the ground and bring our guys home to the USA. The Biden administration has the power to do it. Just do it Biden

  2. Actually there’s thousands still there, private groups go to get as many as possible and the state Department jerks them around in various ways , giving the ok to leave, then saying no, they can’t. This government and this administration does nothing but lie to all of us. Criminals, the most of them, they should be charged with crimes of humanity, treason, as many as they can find, and use a firing squad to be rid of the bastards. They won’t stop ruining the country still someone has enough balls to try an stop them.. it’s their plan and main goal. Politicians just talk BS but have no balls to do anything, yet they impeached OUR president for a phone call


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