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Three officers with the San Francisco Department were just booted out of a restaurant on Friday, because they were wearing uniforms and carrying guns.

KRON4 reports:

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A restaurant denied service to three San Francisco Police Department officers on Friday because their weapons made staff ‘uncomfortable,’ the business announced in social media post.

Shortly after seating them, Hilda and Jesse staff politely asked the armed officers in uniform to leave, according to the post.

Hilda and Jesse says the restaurant is a “safe space,” and the presence of weapons prompted its staff to deny service to the officers.

Rachel Sillcocks, one of the owners of the restaurant, said in a statement, “Our restaurant is a safe space – particularly for queer and bipoc individuals. Furthermore, the fact that they were in uniform with multiple weapons on them made our staff uncomfortable, and potentially other guests, so they were asked to leave. We would happily welcome them off duty, out of uniform, and without weapons.”

“We’re sorry that the decision upset you. We understand your perspective and we hope you’ll consider ours.”

San Francisco Police Chief William Scott tweeted, “Community engagement is a core principle of SFPD’s 21st century police reforms, and we are intentional about asking our officers to support local businesses and get to know those they’re sworn to safeguard.”

“The San Francisco Police Department stands for safety with respect, even when it means respecting wishes that our officers and I find discouraging and personally disappointing,” Scott continued.

“I believe the vast majority of San Franciscans welcome their police officers, who deserve to know that they are appreciated for the difficult job we ask them to do — in their uniforms — to keep our neighborhoods and businesses safe.”

Hilda and Jesse posted the following statement on Instagram Saturday:

On Friday, Dec. 3, three armed and uniformed San Francisco police officers came in to dine at Hilda and Jesse. Shortly after seating them, our staff felt uncomfortable with the presence of their multiple weapons. We then politely asked them to leave.

At Hilda and Jesse, the restaurant is a safe space. The presence of the officers’ weapons in the restaurant made us feel uncomfortable. We respect the San Francisco Police Department and are grateful for the work they do. We welcome them into the restaurant when they are off duty, out of uniform, and without their weapons.

In posting the statement, the restaurant added, “We respect the SFPD and what they do to support our community, however the presence of their weapons in the restaurant made us uncomfortable. This is not a political statement, we did what we thought was best for our staff.”


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Twitter users are responding, with many condemning the restaurant:

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  1. I almost didn’t read this post, but I wanted to know the name of the restaurant so that I could avoid dining there.
    Job done.
    I love to see Police officers when I am anyplace as they make me feel protected and safe.

  2. Police aren’t stupid. Next time they need help do you actually think they’re going to hurry up & get there? If at all? What comes around goes around! Losers

    • Ya they can tell the owners it made them feel uncomfortable to enter their restaurant while in uniform and carrying their firearms.

  3. What utter snowflake fools.

    I’m much safer at a restaurant when police officers are patrons there, too. I feel happy when I see police officers at restaurants that I frequent.

    I wouldn’t consider going to this place of business … and I wouldn’t shed a single tear if their actions caused their unsafe place to shut down.

  4. Our country is full of nutcases. I hope the police don’t respond to help the business and the people that were uncomfortable. Get their names and addresses and plate numbers. I bet they speed every now and then. Write the uncomfortable tickets.

  5. That’s fine when you get robbed and attacked call your safe poc and LGBT friends never call the police or fire department for anything ever again here or at home .I hope you lose your business soon .

  6. Not political my ass! SF is such a pit now. Hope your establishment has to close. By your actions you just set yourself up for criminal activity. SMDH. You need new employees!

  7. San Francisco needs to be taught a lesson on community responsibility it is a disgusting place and getting worse all the time!

  8. You just can’t fix stupid, I just wonder how many people come in daily with weapons that they can’t even see? I know I go everywhere with a gun and never been asked to leave but I keep mine in my side pocket of my purse but if needed I’m a quick draw but then again I don’t live in a pussy state of snow flakes, they better stay where their at because that shit don’t fly in some other states, I can’t believe what a shit hole California turned into, when I hear stories like this coming from the place I was born and raised it makes me cringe and thankful to God for getting me out of that hell hole and I’ll never go back not even for family.

  9. I think it is hilarious that they say that these police are welcome to come in when they are not in uniform. How many places do you return to, and support when you have been kicked out!

  10. There must be some kind of physiological defect happening. People are not naturally maturing into cognizant rational adults. The childish phobic snowflake syndrome seems to be very real.

  11. Should never have happened I believe if the SFPD were called to that same establishment regardless of this incident they would rise above and respond because they would be more concerned with the safety of those needing protection. Because that’s the kind of men and women that wear that uniform are. God bless all our Police Forces.

  12. San Fran was a shithole the few times I was there years ago before they could legally literally shit on the sidewalks. Hoping the dive gets robbed and all the queerbag crybabys get mugged. They better go sit in their safe spaces there and not call the police for help.

  13. Unfortunately for the owners and some staff and patrons they lack an appreciate of the difference between a good guy with a gun from a bad guy with a gun regardless of how they are dressed in their place of business. I agree with previous comments alluding to woke mentality.

  14. My thought exactly, Hilda And Jesse’s employees are ex-con hence they’re afraid of the police! Good one, karma is a bitch…don’t worry you will gwt what you deserve H&J, and no customer around!


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