REPORT: Retailer partners with org that pushes secret gender changes among children in schools

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Target Corporation is partnering with a K-12 education group for which focuses on getting districts to adopt policies that will keep parents in the dark on their child’s in-school gender transition, providing sexually explicit books to schools for free, and integrating gender ideology at all levels of curriculum in public schools, Fox News Digital uncovered.

“GLSEN leads the movement in creating affirming… and anti-racist spaces for LGBTQIA+ students. We are proud of 10+ years of collaboration with GLSEN and continue to support their mission,” Target said. The retail giant provides annual donations to GLSEN.

GLSEN calls for gender ideology to be integrated into all classes, even math. It provides educators instructions on how they can make math “more inclusive of trans and non-binary identities” by including “they/them” pronouns in word problems.

The article noted that GLSEN asks teachers to get involved if their students are making graphs regarding sex changes and gender so the teacher can ensure the student learns the ideology supported by GLSEN. “When students are creating their own surveys, if they want to include data for biological sex, teachers need to be sure they include both intersex and other as choices.”

The lesson planned said, “[A]nd if the students want to include data for gender, a variety of choices need to be included, such as agender, genderfluid, female, male, nonbinary, transman, transwoman, and other.”

The organization reportedly has received at least $2.1 million in donations from Target. GLSEN also offers to districts and students a way to hide gender transitions from parents.

The policy for districts reads, “[The local education agency] shall ensure that all personally identifiable and medical information relating to transgender and nonbinary students is kept confidential… Staff or educators shall not disclose any information that may reveal a student’s gender identity to others, including parents or guardian… This disclosure must be discussed with the student, prior to any action.”

Political scientist Scarlett Johnson tweeted Thursday, “Comprehensive Sexuality Education did this🤮 Thank The Human Rights Campaign and GLSEN, both proudly funded by @Target.”

“The review is horrifying. The attitude towards sex and debasing of women is a direct result of activists pushing radical ‘sex education’ in public education. Woke education and woke capitalism are both normalizing pedophilia.”

Rep. Mo Brooks remarked, “#Target helps fund GLSEN – that supports child abuse (gender change w/o parent consent). Has Target not learned from Bud Lite? Does Target WANT to go out of business? Shareholders losing $$ from boycotts: sue Target executives for gross mismanagement.”

GLSEN tweeted, “We’re proud to join forces with @family_equality@glaad, @nbjconthemove, @HRC, @nclrights and @thetaskforce in calling on the business community to rise up against anti-#LGBTQ+ extremists.”

GLAAD wrote, “GLAAD has joined @family_equality, @glsen, @HRC, @nclrights, @thetaskforce and @nbjconthemove in calling on @target, and all businesses to stand up against anti-LGBTQ attacks. Recent pushback against businesses blatantly organized by extremist groups, serves as a wake up call for all businesses that support the LGBTQ community. We’ve seen this extremist playbook of attacks before.”

“Their goal is clear: to prevent LGBTQ inclusion and representation, silence our allies and make our community invisible. These attacks fuel hate against LGBTQ people, just as we’ve seen this year with more than 500 anti-LGBTQ bills that aim to erase LGBTQ people. When it comes to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, there is no such thing as neutrality.”

“We’re calling on Target to: – release a public statement in the next 24 hours reaffirming their commitment to the LGBTQ community – put Pride merchandise back on the sales floor and online in full – ensure safety of team members who are on the front lines. Target, and all businesses, can leverage the support of LGBTQ organizations to navigate this hate, so that together, we can let extremists know unequivocally that, just as with every other failed anti-LGBTQ campaign of the past, fear will not win.”

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    • And the black activists haven’t learned anything, if they Are partnering with LGBT. Trance movement in particular Is targeting children. I’m not sure racially equality Groups should hitch their wagon to a movement that is grooming kids. Abortion is already the leading cause ofDeath for blacks in America. Screwing up their heads with this LGBT crap will just make it worse.

  1. Boycott Target! Remember when they breached all your personal information? Now they’re breaching our parental rights with their partnership with GLSEN! For God’s Sake people stand up & put an end to this bullshit filth! Go Woke, Go Broke, Go To Hell!

  2. Keep your dirty secrets to yourself this is discusting. Fox is so done for me thank goodness for dml. I don’t listen to tv at all. And his great kids.

  3. Let’s keep boycotting Target so they’ll go bankrupt. They deserve it for this! Mutilating kids is not ok but bankrolling this nightmare is just as bad!!

  4. Well, no more trips to Target with my grandkids- which I did regularly… I didn’t want to deal with Walmart. Will NOT return…..
    P.S. If I ever relapse- it won’t be on Budweiser!!!!!!!

  5. Bunch of sick pedophiles bringing that shit into schools. Pull your kids immediately, and do not set another foot in target! Who the hell do these people think they are, messing with young and immature minds of children, and then making it law to hide from parents. GTFOOH you freaks of nature.

  6. The power is in the hands of the American people. Send them a clear message that we will not tolerate this perversion. BOYCOTT TARGET NOW. How dare they go behind our backs to do this. If it’s such a secret then they must know it’s wrong. If they truly believe in this perverted BS, they would come out and say it, not hide it. I had no idea how many pedophiles are among us. It’s disgusting and it’s destroying our most innocent. Any parent who goes along with Target should be charged with child endangerment and abuse and these parents need to be locked up.

  7. The bills exist to stop people from grooming children by sexualizing them and to stop these same people from encouraging minors into using puberty blockers and genital mutilation to make irreversible changes to their bodies.

    Children and teenagers are vulnerable beings, incapable of truly consenting to lifelong, irreversible changes. They need to be protected so that if they want to make these changes as an adult, they are far more capable of reasoning out the pros and cons. If these people would stop promoting those things, these bills would not need to exist.

  8. What is interesting to me is that Target is headquartered in Minnesota. Obviously a liberal area. But it also has one of the largest Muslim populations in the country. As we all know that religion will never accept this kind of BS.
    Target and any other company, media or other institution that supports this crap should go down in flames. F em all!

  9. THIS CONSPIRACY BY CORPORATIONS to integrate immoral damaging GENDER IDEOLOGY into public schools with no parental knowledge IS CRIMINAL & UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Since when have companies EVER had any authority to inflict any form of their personal or political curriculums into public schools?????? ITS CRIMINAL INSANITY!

  10. TARGET 🎯. Needs to crumble like sand.
    Boycott the hell out of them.
    Remember, real Americans have a voice by actions. Stop buying from these corrupt corporations. This will send a message to the so called woke ideology concept.

    • AMEN it doesn’t even resemble a Christian Country. Everyday we a sliding down a slope of moral decay. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for what this country is becoming. How much longer until he quits protecting and Blessing this country. Christian values are under attack at every turn. Eventually God will lift his protection then our country will become Sodom and Gomorrah. Most people know that story.

  11. Boycott Boycott Boycott break Target let them keep their products sitting on shelves unsold. Sickening companies pushing an agenda to keep parents from knowing their children are being transformed into a gender that they were not born. I wonder are the schools also providing hormones or hormone blockers without any doctors or parents knowledge. Hormones cause STROKES, Heart Attacks Liver and Kidney failure. The lists of drugs used a so very dangerous as an Adult you are repeatedly warned of the chance of dying is greatly increased by over 100 times. Your chances of geting Prostate Cancer is multiplied exponential from the use of hormones replacement. When hormones replacement was first used several years ago Cancer and Heart attacks was killing men with low T. It is so dangerous and parents are not even told. Do these people doing this to our children assume responsibility for the Deaths from Hormone therapy from their sex change practices. Somebody needs to be held responsible for all.


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