REPORT: Return of boss sparks speculation of BIG merger

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Is the House of Mouse relocating? Speculators say returning Disney boss Bob Iger may consider selling the company to Apple in a stunning merger deal.

The company’s board of directors tabbed Iger to ‘replace’ former CEO Bob Chapek Sunday night after Chapek reportedly plummeted the value of the company by a third.

‘He’s going to sell the company,’ predicted a Disney source who has worked with Iger previously.

“This is the pinnacle deal for the ultimate dealmaker,” the source said.

Iger’s history of acquisitions and deal-making includes the purchase of animation studio Pixar in 2006, Marvel in 2009 , and Lucasfilm in 2012.

The report notes that while Disney would cost around $200 billion to buy, Apple is “one of the only company’s in the world” that could afford the massive price tag.

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  1. Apple could buy Disney for a song right now. Their stocks are down 50%. My Disney stock was over $200 now it’s less than $100 per share. I don’t care any more. We used to be a big Disney family…. but no more.


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