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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki sidestepped a question Wednesday regarding whether the Biden administration would have publicly disclosed a vaccinated staffer’s recent breakthrough COVID-19 case if it hadn’t been reported in the press.

Psaki confirmed Tuesday there have been multiple breakthrough positive COVID-19 test results among vaccinated staffers, shortly after news outlet Axios reported that an unnamed White House official and a staffer for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had tested positive following an event last week.

The article goes on to state the following:

When asked during a press gaggle Wednesday if the White House would have disclosed the case regardless of Axios’ report, Psaki did not directly respond. She said the White House will disclose cases involving individuals who were in close contact with top officials going forward.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins tweeted, “The White House has shifted its policy on announcing positive cases within staff. Psaki says now they will update us if the medical unit considers the person a close contact of Biden, Harris, first lady or second gentleman. Before it was if they were a commissioned officer.”

Daily Caller reporter Shelby Talcott also shared details from Psaki’s remarks:

The White House is changing its transparency policy on positive COVID tests, Psaki says. Updates will now be given on any WH official who tests positive for the virus “that the WH medical unit deems as having had close contact with” POTUS, VP, FLOTUS or Second Gentleman.

The White House’s previous policy was to “release information proactively if … commissioned officers” test positive, Psaki noted yesterday. She confirmed then that there have been other breakthrough cases that were not disclosed, though she didn’t offer a specific number.

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  1. The leftist globalists who were delighted that CoVid19 brought Trump down, may well soon discover that the China-Fauci Virus will bring this administration down too.

  2. COVID is going to self-quarantine for the next two weeks. It’s afraid it may have come into contact with Kamala Harris.

  3. I would think every person who was exposed would be important. They have reported every COVID case before. So why is this exposure not so important? One set of rules for one political affiliation and another set of rules for the other. That tells me that COVID is not a real threat or they would be treating it as such.

  4. Them Texan Dems brought that covid variant up from the inundated infestation of illegal immigrants from all over the world, Barreling through the Great state of Texas. Now pelosi and her sidekick Biden are at risk. You just can’t make this shit up, who needs re-runs of gilligans island when you have this to laugh at.

  5. Sorry , the govt wants to give us covid passports, tracking and data on us plus doir to door bs and an all out invasion of OUR privacy well they deserve the SAME treatment so screw piss aki


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