REPORT: RNC Chair blasts Biden’s ‘photo op’ at southern border: ‘He doesn’t care’

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EXCLUSIVE: Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel blasted President Biden’s visit to the southern border Sunday as a “photo op,” saying the president is only pretending to care now that the crisis is becoming a political liability.

McDaniel spoke to Fox News Digital en route to the border town of Mission, Texas, where she will be meeting with local community leaders and speaking to local media about the continuous flood of illegal immigrants into the area and its strain on the community.

The RNC chairwoman’s visit to Mission coincides with Biden’s first border visit of his presidency on Sunday, where he will briefly meet with Border Patrol agents in El Paso, about 800 miles northwest of Mission.

“Biden choosing to ignore it shows that he doesn’t care about real problems that Americans are facing,” McDaniel explained. “Biden’s never been here, and he’s doing a photo op for three hours and has ignored this problem in the entirety of his presidency. These communities have been ravaged by the disastrous Biden policies, and I think it’s important that he doesn’t get a free pass.”

“We need to hold him accountable,” McDaniel declared. “This problem is not going away. And what he’s offering today is empty rhetoric without any real enforcement increase, without more Border Patrol agents, without anything that’s going to solve this problem. And unfortunately, the Biden administration continually gets away with pretending that they’re doing things that they’re not. And being here for 3 hours doesn’t make up for ignoring this for the past three years.

“He has literally spent more time on vacation than dealing with issues that real Americans are dealing with,” she continued. “And I think, frankly, because he’s going to Mexico, he says, ‘Oh, I should probably make a quick stop. Let’s go clean up the streets before I get there. Let’s do your photo op and let’s put together a fake plan.”

“The facts speak for themselves,” she said. “Just before Biden comes here, they started cleaning up these encampments. I mean, that’s just a fact. And they can try and spin it all they want, but the truth is the truth. They’re making it look better just because the president’s here. And it’s going to go right back to where it was once he leaves. I hope the press comes and looks at it after he leaves to see what they did for his photo op.”

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