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The Republican National Committee (RNC) will not back former President Trump if he chooses to run for office again in 2024 and will instead remain neutral, RNC chair Ronna McDaniel indicated in a Wednesday interview with the Associated Press.

“The party has to stay neutral. I’m not telling anybody to run or not to run in 2024,” McDaniel said, walking the fine line as polls continue to indicate that a sizeable portion of the GOP base continues to back and support the former president.

The article goes on to state the following:

“That’s going to be up to those candidates going forward. What I really do want to see him do, though, is help us win back majorities in 2022,” she told the outlet.

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  1. As if it’s Trump’s responsibility to make sure your side wins, in a huge use him for it move. I’m over you idiots. I do not resemble what you represent. No, I won’t vote.

  2. I back Donald Trump in 2024 for many reasons but first and foremost because he is the man the American people elected to be president in 2020 by a wide margin. The election was stolen from Trump, beyond a doubt, so of course we should back him! This is no Democrat-like pretense. After all, if the Democrats truly believed their own Russia Collusion narrative, with the claim that Putin stole the 2016 election from Hillary, then wouldn’t they have indignantly rallied around her, drafting her for the nomination, just as Republicans are already lining up to do with Trump in 2024? The fact that they didn’t is just another proof that they didn’t believe their own lie; they were only partisan, deceitful, and disloyal enough to PRETEND to believe it, while lying to the rest of us! In Trump’s case, the election really was rigged against him, with the help of hostile foreign powers. A despotic tyranny has been installed in his place. We must be avenged!

    • I stand with you!! Those who say they won’t vote must be eager to see our country fall further into the abyss. How easily they surrender to the enemy!

  3. Let the man be behind the scenes vs getting so viciously attacked when he’s front center. He still will be very much involved, rest assured!

    • Right, I always been a Trump supporter but think Trump should not run in 2024. I believe he can do more good for America out of WH and will always support him in that. I believe conservatives best canidate for 2024 is Dennis Michael Lynch.

  4. Lady you better be very careful how you respond to this question. President Trump is our hero and 74,000,000+ people will be changing their party to the Patriot Party that we will start for Trump and people who think like him. Hang onto your girdle honey!

  5. Ms McDaniel, if the Republican Party does not back Donald Trump in 2024 consider the Republican Party Dead! 75 million Americans voted for him and were cheated out of a fair legitimate election! In addition to that many Republicans turned their backs on Trump and betrayed him These facts have caused great frustration and anger among the Americans that support Trump On top of that, democrats want us “deprogrammed”! Who in The Republican Party has enough of a backbone to defend us and fight for us? No one that I can see! I personally, am done with the Republican Party as I believe that the party no longer has any integrity and is just as infected with “swamp people “ as the democrats!

  6. I will always back Trump!! I just think the numbers are wrong I would say 80 to 90 million people voted for Trump and he won by a landslide. They say mixing bowl (JB) won had more vote Nope I will never believe it!! JB the worst president Ever!! He has destroyed the US in less than 2 weeks!! Very 😞

    • Grumpy, I so agree with you except I think the numbers could be higher. With what Biden is doing Trump would win by a landslide (he won the last one by a landslide as well.) For the next four years we need to keep investigating voter fraud. We also need to pray hard for this country. I firmly believe with what is happening this is going to bring back a “christian revival” to this nation.

  7. This is why I back a the patriot party and have Trump and 70 to 80 Million supporters run it. The Republican Party can no longer be trusted. They can go to hell. I will never vote Republican again.

  8. The GOP is the reason trump got screwed! Jr hinted that first day after election! Screw you MS mcdaniel What ? You think your asshole uncle will run again?

  9. George McLewee you are wrong. Continue to purge the GOP of RINOs and we will be fine. Starting a third party will split the GOP vote and hand more power to Socialist/Marxists. Wise up!

    • Amen, been tried and failed before and history will repeat itself again. Since her statement, after all the rallies she attended and kudos she was given by DJT RNC won’t back him but they need his help, they can figure it out when no one makes donations for their organization. Remain neutral? My purse will remain neutral as well. She’s as tone deaf as the democrats and rinos

  10. Use him then lose him. Nice going, McDaniel.
    If y’all put more energy into banning Dominion machines, maybe you’d win an election in ‘22 & ‘24.

  11. Rona…do your job and Support President Trump 100%. Spend every waking moment ensuring no more voter fraud. The dems made the republicans look like school kids in their prep for this election…WHY??????

    Until those questions are answered You WILL NOT GET A SINGLE PENNY FROM ME!!!!!!

  12. Well I always been a Trump supporter but think Trump should not run in 2024. I believe in can do more good for America out of WH and will always support him in that. I believe conservatives best canidate for 2024 is Dennis Michael Lynch.

  13. Rona: Wrong answer!

    I will not be able to see myself giving any money to the RNC at this time. I will send money individually to candidates whom I support; I will not use the winred app.

    We want no RINOs – they’re what has ruined the Republican party. You know, like the 10 who voted for impeachment in the house and the 5 who didn’t vote for tabling the impeachment in the Senate. They clearly do not choose to represent their constituents, by their recent voting actions. I’m guessing none of them anticipate running successfully again. Those are defection actions their constituents will remember.

  14. He doesn’t need the RNC or any other political group, he will have 75-80 M followers without them. These groups are not leaders. President Trump is the best example of a leader, who fights for the people in which he has been the only one to fight for the people rather than political gain.


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