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Despite battling a cold, President Biden has packed his schedule this weekend with a maskless dinner out on the town and plans to attend a Kennedy Center event.

During a Friday speech on the disappointing jobs report, Biden spoke in a hoarse voice and coughed multiple times during the event.

The article goes on to state the following:

Despite his earlier coughing fit, Biden was spotted dining in the private room at new restaurant by Enrique Limardo, Imperfecto, on Friday night. Biden was not seen wearing a mask inside the restaurant or when exiting.

Indoor mask mandantes have been lifted in Washington, D.C., but on Friday White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended indoor mask mandates be reinstated in high-transmission places, such as D.C., amid fears of the spread of the new omicron variant.

Fox News reports that Biden, who is 79 years old and “is at high risk of complication from the coronavirus, according to the CDC,” also plans to the 44th Annual Kennedy Center Honors for lifetime artistic achievements on Sunday.


Last weekend while he was in Nantucket, the president was seen maskless in a shop “despite a large sign on the door stating ‘required face covering,’” as noted by RNC Research in a tweet.

Biden and First Lady Jill Biden have recently been blasted for hypocrisy over the use of face masks.

“After getting caught maskless in a store that requires masks this weekend, Biden says: ‘Please wear your mask when you’re indoors, when you’re in public settings around other people,’” Benny Johnson tweeted in late November.

A day later Johnson tweeted another scolding of Biden. “Biden tightly huddles maskless during a bill signing one day after telling Americans to mask up around others,” he wrote.

“Children and staffers have to wear masks, but Jill Biden remains maskless,” Jake Evans Tweeted with a picture of Jill Biden maskless amid a group of children. “Rules for thee, not for me.”

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  1. I say let him go maskless and get covid to be prime example how you need to wear a mask. He has supposedly a cold and don’t have sense to wear mask around others to protect people around him? I learned my lesson after getting in car without masks on with my adult son to go get tested for covid. He had covid at the time but barely was sick. I was negative. I retested myself 3 days later and got covid. I’m basically asymptomatic. My husband had covid and we wore masks in car and I didn’t get it so mask help.

    • Well dont think the masks were any help . you realise A virus is 1000 times smaller then a human hair . also when you breath the air escapes around the opening and around the sides of the mask . sorry but masks are only a control to see who follows . its a big cy-op . Watch the movie Outbreak with Dustin Hofman. Kind of what is supposed to happen .


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