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As the Biden administration considers how to deter further Russian aggression in Ukraine, a Russian expert is warning officials not to enact a no-fly zone.

Enacting a no-fly zone and subsequently enforcing one would push the global community closer to a potential world war, former U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency agent Rebekah Koffler warned in a series of tweets, where she also rebuked Russian “experts” who wrote a letter to the Biden administration calling for one.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Same ‘experts’ who got UKR-RUS into this conflict in the first place, by promoting foolish ideas, not grounded in reality,” she tweeted, sharing a report from the Hill, “Now dragging us into WWIII.”

Then, in a series of fiery tweets, Koffler added the following statement:

Who are these “experts”? Evelyn Farkas, former top Russia “expert” at the Pentagon? Dumb as a Siberian shoe! Every top Russia “expert” at the Pentagon, the DASD for Russia and Eurasia, for the past several years had NO Russia background or expertise. Take that in.

Same with National Security Council, at the White House – with the exception of Fiona Hill, who was Trump’s advisor on R, NCS Directors for Russia had no serious Russia expertise. Are you surprised that Biden Admin has been outmaneuvered by Putin and has no strategy whatsoever?

The problem is this: people who have no business weighing in on national security issues are pushing their dumb narratives into the information domain. Do these foreign policy “experts” even understand what it means to impose a no-fly zone?

If the “experts” believe a no-fly zone will make Putin stand down, they are dumb. If they are running a PSYOP on Putin, it will have the opposite effect. Putin doesn’t think like an American. He thinks like a Russian. P will interpret the move as escalatory, not de-escalatory.

POLL: Should a no-fly zone be enforced over Ukraine, knowing it would lead to WWIII?

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  1. Can’t wait to see how they will all blame trump when the nukes start falling all over the world on their watch and their stupidities. Bet they are working on narrative right now.


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