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KYIV/OSLO, May 21 (Reuters) – Russia intensified an offensive in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine on Saturday and stopped providing gas to Finland, escalating Moscow’s dispute with the West over energy payments.

After ending weeks of resistance by the last Ukrainian fighters in the strategic southeastern city of Mariupol, Russia is waging what appears to be a major offensive in Luhansk, one of two provinces in Donbas.

The article goes on to state the following:

Russian-backed separatists already controlled swathes of territory in Luhansk and the neighbouring Donetsk province before the Feb. 24 invasion, but Moscow wants to seize the last remaining Ukrainian-held territory in Donbas.

Ukrainian forces are saying at least seven people have been killed in the Donbas region after Russian forces used aircraft, artillery, tanks, rockets, mortars and missiles along the entire front line to attack civilian structures and residential areas.

As of Saturday, Ukrainian forces held back nine attacks in the eastern separatist-controlled region, destroying five tanks and 10 armored vehicles.

Ukrainian President Zelenskiy told local television, “For them, all these victories – the occupation of Crimea or Donbas – is very temporary. And all this will return – since this is our territory.”


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  1. If more countries made an effort to be energy independent we would all be more stable. And if you can’t be energy independent, don’t buy your fuel sources from corrupt governments and expect them to play nice.


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