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An 18-year-old Minneapolis man described by investigators as having “a lengthy juvenile delinquency history involving assault and weapons offenses” is now on the run after the judge who presided over the Kim Potter trial released him to attend a funeral – only for him to not come back.

Shevirio Kavirion Childs-Young is the subject of a fresh arrest warrant ordered by Judge Regina Chu for “failing to return to Hennepin County Jail after temporary release,” according to court documents obtained by Alpha News.

The article goes on to state the following:

Prior records indicate Childs-Young was released at 9:30 a.m. on Jan. 3 “to attend [a] family member’s funeral” and was supposed to return to jail three hours later.

According to the criminal complaint, Childs-Young is a Black man with seven different alias name versions and two different dates of birth.

The most recent case involves an incident that occurred on Nov. 30, when Childs-Young was traveling in a vehicle with two other people and two small children.  The vehicle was pulled over by a Hennepin County Sheriff’s deputy, who then smelled the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle.

A loaded firearm was discovered on the floor of the vehicle, and Childs-Young attempted to escape by assaulting the officer, and at one point yelled to another passenger to “Get him!”

Alpha News reported the following:

Juvenile criminal history information is private so the details of Childs-Young’s past are unknown. However, records from his adult life describe Childs-Young as someone with a “lengthy juvenile delinquency history involving assault and weapons offenses.”

In August, he was charged with another count of illegal possession of a firearm. The judge who released Childs-Young back into the public is the same judge who presided over the trial of former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter.

After Potter was found guilty in her trial in the accidental shooting of Daunte Wright, her attorneys begged for her to be allowed to remain free at home until her sentencing, noting she is not a danger to the public and it was Christmas time. Judge Chu was unbending, ordering Potter sent directly to jail.

Now Judge Chu has allowed a Black man with a lengthy criminal history to be set free to attend a funeral. As of Tuesday, Childs-Young is still on the loose.

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  1. Sounds like she is not an impartial judge! She lets out a criminal, but a cop who shot someone on accident can’t go home for Christmas? Sounds and smells fishy to me!

  2. Another hug-a-thug judge. She needs to be “un-benched.”

    Hey, “judge”: when this thug commits a crime, you should be named as a co-conspirator, and immediately jailed. You – and your poor decisions – are an immediate threat to society.

  3. Mpls legal system ripe w/liberal, cri.inal attorneys & judges! Why in God’s name do they continue to cater to these criminals! THEY are being made fools of, & the public are in constant danger! The bias is painfully obvious! Ordering Kim Potter immediately to jail, @ Christmas time, yet tur n ing a life long criminal out of jail, on his own recognizance! She should be remove from the bench, immediately!

  4. POS Judge and Thug Criminal lover! She needs to be Disbarred! This is how these criminals are walking the streets and murdering people when they should be in prison! Disgusting!

  5. She should be terminated from her job. It was your choice to break the laws like this guy did. Potter accidentally shot and killed a man while upholding the law. Put someone in jail for making a huge mistake which will haunt her for life but then 2 weeks later let out a punk ass bitch who never had any intention on returning to go to a family funeral and laughing about it all along.
    Will she let her out to attend a funeral in her family if one should come up? My guess is probably not. She is suppose to look at the law and make choices of what’s best for the community. So the best thing for the community is locking up someone who made a massive mistake until her sentencing date while on the same hand let someone out to attend a funeral who is a very well known law breaking criminal. Who also goes by many names. They found him by luck the first time with a traffic stop. How long do you think he will be out this time.

  6. This judge is a piece of garbage and not inspired by the law, she is in the side of crime. She should be removed from bench before she let more criminals out. What a shame!🤬

  7. I think the judge should be held accountable for any crimes this guy commits while on the loose !
    And I don’t buy Kim Potter’s story.


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