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A San Francisco high school teacher wrote an op-ed claiming Sen. Bernie Sanders “manifests privilege” for wearing his meme-evoking inauguration outfit.

Ingrid Seyer-Ochi, a former UC Berkeley professor, wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle that the Vermont senator’s choice of recycled wool mittens was integrated into her class discussion on US diversity and discrimination.

The article goes on to state the following:

Initially, on Inauguration Day, Seyer-Ochi said her class talked about the deeper meanings of the historic day — including “the vulnerability of democracy” and “the power of ritual” and gender.

In her op-ed, the teacher slammed Sanders for wearing the mittens, describing him as “A wealthy, incredibly well-educated and -privileged white man, showing up for perhaps the most important ritual of the decade, in a puffy jacket and huge mittens.”

She claimed Sanders’ attire at the inauguration “manifests privilege, white privilege, male privilege and class privilege, in ways that my students could see and feel.”

GOP official Harmeet Dhillon shared the oped and wrote, “Read this to know how it happened that your once-normal & sweet children of all races went into the public school system and came out angry, depressed, nihilistic haters.”

Dhillon shares screenshots of the op-ed, in which the teacher first references the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, saying she watched it with her students, and “we analyzed the images of that historic day, images of white men storming through the Capitol, fearless and with no forces so stop them. ‘This,’ I said, ‘is white supremacy, this is white privilege. It can be hard to pinpoint, but when we see it, we know it.'”

The teacher then praised the inauguration, the “diversity, creativity and humanity.” She continued, “Vice President Kamala Harris, Dr. Jill Biden, the Biden grandchildren, Michelle Obama, Amanda Gorman, and others… we reference the female warriors inspiring these women, the colors of their education degrees and their monochromatic ensembles of pure power”

“And then, across all of our news and social media feeds, was Bernie: Bernie memes, Bernie sweatshirts, endless love for Bernie. I puzzled and fumed as an individual as I strove to be my best possible teacher. What did I see? What did I think my students should see? A wealthy, incredibly well-educated an privileged white man, showing up for perhaps the most important ritual of the decade, in a puffy jacket and huge mittens.”

One twitter user declared, “If Bernie Sanders is the epitome of White Privilege, why isn’t he POTUS?”

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  1. OMG!# it’s now privileged to dress according to the elements??
    EVERY winter season in the Mpls/St Paul area (and likely in many cold cities and states) there are community drives to collect and distribute warm clothing for those that need it. SOOOO, what’s wrong here??
    These type of people like this teacher are SOOOO negative and to constantly complain is something these people need help with. Their positivity and work to do things to actually help vs complain on Twitter is very very childish and unhealthy all around

    • This woman needs to be fired for blatantly teaching hate of whites over mittens and a puffy jacket! Imagine any other teacher singling out blacks for their dress or hair. Fire her!

  2. Piece of crap and that’s what teaching kids today and the picture gets clearer when you see all the white minions joining in on the blm riots and destruction

  3. Why isn’t this pos teacher getting on the real white privilege you know man, BIDEN he is the poster boy for that, cheated and lying his way through life. making millions on his name and position in politics.

  4. She needs to get “cancelled” since she IS spreading hate!! We need to fire ALL elem., middle and high school teachers, helpers, aides, instructors, Vice principals, principals, school committee members, college professors and administrators, who are spreading HATE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE or FORM, and keep them out of the reach of our kids! I never knew how rampant and serious this was! And please, please, please talk to your children about recognizing this type of speech/hatred in their classrooms. THAT’S how we can weed these people out! It’s so heart wrenching to see a child’s eyes light up about an event and then get shattered when they hear their teacher downgrade a situation, like in this instance. God help us and God bless America!

  5. Talk about white privilege? Biden got millions doing nothing for 47 years . I white and have to work my @$$ off everyday. To pay bills ! I cant get food stamp. Rent paid or any free stuff ! Because Im no brown or black . I pay my taxes and see it going to all the freeloaders that are coming across our broaders ! White privilege my @$$.

    • Tara Terminiello
      wow….. Dems…they even eat their own.
      She’s so woke she has come full circle.

      No, a old tired man in fuzzy mittens in the cold isnt white priviledge. Should he have been wearing a 1000 dollar black camel hair coat and top hat?

      maybe she would have preferred that?

      or, if she wants to zap him for privilege, she could discuss the fact that the man, paid by the America tax payer, owns three houses, the last one a 500,000 dollar lake house on Champlain. Yes, he did pay for it by writing a book, but if he hadnt been paid as a politician all these years writing a book wouldnt have bought three houses. …and if he wasnt Bernie Sanders…no one would have wanted the book.

  6. Lady, you need to leave the country. I’m hoping most of your class got up and left before you could spew the rest of your ridiculous lesson of lunacy!

  7. The day that a pair of mittens and a puffy jacket is a symbol of white privileged is the day that HELL freezes over!
    I suppose we can consider the source of this preponderance of ignorance…….higher education aka UC Berkeley, once having been held in the higher accolades of excellence!


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