REPORT: Sarah Palin blasts ranked choice voting as she takes center stage at CPAC

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DALLAS — Sarah Palin blasted her state’s new ranked choice voting system as she took center stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas just days away from a special election for Alaska’s only House seat.

Palin emerged as one of the four finalists in a recent primary election featuring dozens of candidates, the first election conducted under a new system the state adopted in 2020 that ended partisan primaries. Under the ranked choice voting system, all candidates of any party are on the same ballot, known as a jungle primary, and the top four candidates go to a runoff election.

The article goes on to state the following:

Palin, the former governor of Alaska who ran unsuccessfully as John McCain’s running mate in 2008 and has since been a conservative media personality, argued that the system decreases voter enthusiasm because “it’s so weird.”

The system has voters ranking candidates according to their order of preference rather than choosing just one candidate.

Ranked Choice Voting means in each race, voters rank their choices and the votes are counted in rounds. The state website explains:

Round One:
The Division counts all 1st choices. If a candidate gets 50% + 1 vote in round one, that candidate wins and the counting stops.
If not, counting goes to Round Two.

Round Two (and beyond):
The candidate with the fewest votes gets eliminated. If you voted for that candidate, your vote goes to your next choice
and you still have a say in who wins.
If your first choice candidate was not eliminated, your vote stays with them. Votes are counted again.

This keeps happening in rounds until two candidates are left and the one with the most votes wins.

Palin railed against the system at the conference.

“In Alaska, we have this bizarre system, this newfangled [system] that’s been newly adopted where we have a ranked choice voting system, where it doesn’t matter if you win by getting the most votes. Really, it matters if you have more second- and third-place votes, according to how the voters are ranking you,” Palin said.

“It is bizarre, it’s convoluted, it’s complicated, and it results in voter suppression.”

She posted a message about the system on social media, tweeting a link to her website where a sample ballot can be found.

Palin has been endorsed by former President Donald J. Trump and Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson.

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  1. I saw that. And was wondering who, what was going on. Nothing wrong with the way we were voting. Just another way to cheat, I guess.

    • This makes it easier for a one party run off. If you are high in Democrat voters then the two too winners would both be demorats, and the same would happen if you had a high Republican voters………,.
      Not good

  2. Like playing the musical chair game? Take a chair away when the music stops. The one sitting in the last chair gets the CAKE?


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