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On Friday, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) taunted the Republican Party, tweeting “The Republican Party is a shell of its former self. … America needs two functional parties.”

Rep. Dan Crenshaw fired back with a dose of which party had left its moorings, snapping, “We ain’t perfect… but your party believes men can be pregnant and ‘real socialism hasn’t been tried.’”

The article goes on to state the following:

Schiff was the leading attack dog for the Democrats during the Trump administration.

“What we see today is a cult of personality beholden to the whims of a disgraced, former president,” Schiff added in his tweet. “Republicans of good conscience — both in power and out — must take their party back.”

“We ain’t perfect… but your party believes men can be pregnant and “real socialism hasn’t been tried.” So there’s that.”

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  1. Schiff is a retarded clown. I mean just look at him. Useless as tits on a boat hog. We are taking back Congress and the Presidency in all likelihood for the next thirty years. Nobody wants the idiocy and crazy your selling. The productive class will destroy you and your legacy of imbecility, lying and incompetence.

  2. He’s freaking out. Look at what his party has done to this country and what they are trying to do to small children.

  3. What a worm, true POS and is CRAZY. Critical of the Republicans with Schumer, pelosi, wild eyes Schiff, crazy aoc, Maxine waters to name few……so really the Republicans have a problem clown. Bunch of elitist American hating pandering and patronizing race baiting trolls

  4. Which means we need to vote out all the current dems. That’s the only way we will have 2 working parties.

  5. This is where the Democrats/left are wrong. We are Republican/Conservatives/Patriots. We are not followers of Trump. We appreciate what Trump had done for America and we appreciate his stance to expose the corruption, and heniius crimes they have and continue to commit against us the US Citizens. He is a bigger voice for all of us.

    Dan Crenshaw is also trying to expose these folks stay strong Dan!

  6. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Where to begin? Adam Schiffless, would you be so kind as to finally trot out all that irrefutable evidence that Trump colluded with anybody? Will you ever pay for lying to Congress concerning a phone call that never happened? The list is endless. But with Waters, Pelosi, swallwell, AOC, Horono, etc willing to let you lie and they’ll swear to it, what could possibly go wrong?

  7. Intentionally lying to or misleading the people needs to become an unpardonable career ending felony with a minimum 5 yr sentence. This should apply to politicians and the mainstream media. The only out should be if your fact checkers wrote down the lie in advance and they replace you on trial. This out can only be used once after that your statements fact checking is your responsibility. Misspeaking without an immediate retraction and apology should also fall under the same penalties

  8. There is one functional party, Republicans. The dummocrats are disfunctiona. Schiff is a child molester, Pelosi is a drunk, swallowswell is just plain f#caked up, and the list goes on.

  9. Then replace the democrat party because they sure aren’t functional unless you count, lying, promoting riots,looting, attacking people , attacking police officers and killing them, trying to burn down a federal building with federal officers inside, turning the US into a communist country. Functional.., With crazy members like your self & piglosi, schumer, killer Cuomo and all you pieces of pond scum . Every American who loves the US want to 🤮🤮🤮 every time we have to look at your ugly faces or hear you open your lying mouth. Go Crenshaw .


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