REPORT: School board forced to PAY UP after punishing family for speaking out against trans student

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A Vermont school district has just reached a settlement to pay one local family $125,000 in damages after disciplining them for speaking out against a transgender student that was creeping out high school girls in a school locker room.

In addition, the school has promised to reinstate Travis Allen as a middle school soccer coach, as well as remove any records of discipline against him and his daughter in the school database.

Christian conservative legal group Alliance Defending Freedom, which handled the case on behalf of the Allen Family, has deemed the settlement a “resounding victory for freedom of speech.”

The Allen family filed a lawsuit in October claiming that Travis and his daughter Blake “were punished for expressing their view on a matter of profound public concern: whether a teenage male who ‘identifies’ as female should be permitted to change in a girls’ locker room, regardless of the discomfort experienced by the girls in that room.”

According to their lawsuit detailed, the two Allens spoke against a trans-identifying male student using the girls’ locker room at Randolph Union Middle/High School.

Travis and Blake were accused of “misgendering” the student, and the school district disciplined the father, who was the Randolph Union Middle School girls soccer coach, as well as the daughter.

The lawsuit said, “In objecting to a male being in the room while the girls are changing, Travis and Blake each made comments underscoring that the trans-identifying student is in fact a male, including by using male pronouns.

“Yet, their remarks were too much for Defendants’ transgender orthodoxy—Travis was deemed to have ‘misgendered’ the student, while Blake was found guilty of ‘harassment’ and ‘bullying’—so Defendants disciplined both of them.”

The Orange Southwest School District Board and various school staff were named as the defendants in the case after they allegedly suspended the Allen without pay and banned his daughter and several of her teammates from using the locker room after they criticized the trans student.

The lawsuit charged that “Superintendent Layne Millington, Co-Principals Lisa Floyd and Caty Sutton, and the Orange Southwest School District Board are state actors and ‘violate the First Amendment’ by attempting to dictate ‘what may be said on matters of public concern.’”

Now, the school district has agreed to a settlement in which the Vermont School Boards Insurance Trust must pay the family $125,000 in damages and lawyer fees, reinstate the father to his coaching position, and scrub the disciplinary mark off of Blake’s school records.

The settlement also “requires the Orange Southwest School District Board and school officials named in the Allens’ lawsuit to remove any content posted online by the school related to the locker room business as well as from the bulletin board or boards at Randolph Union Middle/High School displaying ‘love and support’ messages to the trans-identifying student,” The Daily Signal reports.

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