REPORT: School district votes to defy law that would prohibit teaching any race is superior to another

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A Pennsylvania school district unanimously voted on Tuesday to defy a bill if it were passed into law that prohibits teaching “racist” concepts, such as that any race is superior to another.

The Pittsburgh School District passed a resolution which said it would defy “harmful legislation,” such as the Republican-backed bill called HB 1532. ”

Board member Devon Taliaferro said, “[Children] deserve leaders who will stand up for their rights and blasted “radical politicians” who she claimed were trying to censor curriculum.

“I hope that we will be the leaders that our students need as they carry on the legacy of the future… which starts with policy and the things that we can control,” Taliaferro declared.

The report explains that if HB 1532 were passed into law, it would prohibit teaching “racist and sexist concepts” in school districts, and is “aimed at curtailing the divisive nature of concepts more commonly known as ‘critical race theory.'”

A statement in bill reads:

“Our legislation makes it clear that no Pennsylvania school district, public postsecondary institution, or state or local government entity shall teach that any race or sex is superior to another, that any individual based on their race or sex is inherently racist or sexist, or that any individual should receive favorable treatment or be discriminated against based on their race or sex.”

Now the Pittsburgh School District has defiantly rejected such a measure, claiming that it would prevent history from being taught accurately.

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    • That is the definition of racism. The thinking that one rece is superior to another one. And it is wrong. That is what Hitler believed. No race is superior to another one.

      We are all of one race anyway….the human race…skin color does not change that.

  1. The democrats once again using nullification of law. Just as they do on the southern border and others things.
    Republicans should get a clue.

  2. I don’t get it. Democrats should be ashamed. During the Civil War, Democrat party did not want to free the blacks. I certainly do not want to brag about CRT with wanting to keep black slaves at the same time! Snh

  3. There is such a simple solution to these issues…include in the law that if anyone defies the kaw they will be ARRESTED and charge with a crime that makes then intelligible to be any part of any school system in the country…and weed them out one by one until they are ALL gone…simple simple simple…

  4. What this idiot fails to understand is that if she can do it and succeed so can her opposite, a white supremacist also, using her potential victory as precedent. Racist idiot cow. Is it any wonder why our kids are failing with people like her teaching them and making policy?

  5. I hate that Darwinism is still being believed. God created all people as one race. The human race. To teach that because of the color of the skin that anyone is less important is contrary to Him.


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