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Senate Democrats on Wednesday forced two votes they knew they’d lose on their election bills and the filibuster – breaking a rule often followed by legislators, especially House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to never call a vote you don’t know you’ll win.

The votes mark yet another political loss for President Biden and Democrats. They highlighted the internal divisions among Democrats over the filibuster. And they forced vulnerable Democrats up for reelection to cast a vote Republicans are already attacking them for.

The article goes on to state the following:

But Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and his colleagues say they have no regrets over the effort, which they say was not only the right thing to do, but could also help them in the midterms.

Schumer said on Thursday, “We lost the vote. But to have not voted would have been a far greater loss. We know history is on the side of voting rights, and we know that forcing leaders to take stands will ultimately move the ball forward.”

He added, “Last night was unusual and exhilarating because we fought the good fight.”

Schumer tweeted Thursday, “Senate Democrats’ fight for voting rights is not over. We will keep fighting until voting rights are protected for every single American.”

“The march for democracy is never over. And we have to and we will keep marching. Senate Democrats will continue our fight against voter suppression, dark money, and partisan gerrymandering. We will keep moving forward for our democracy.”

“The examples of MLK, of John Lewis give us strength and show us sometimes the only right option is to move forward. With Trump his Big Lie Jan. 6 voter suppression dark money interests fueling today’s GOP. This is a fight for the soul of America and we will not shy away from it.”

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  1. They tried to trample over our democratic institutions in the name of voting rights for who, exactly? The only groups still denied the vote are felons and illegal aliens. These are the groups the Dems now are courting? I could have mentioned the dead, also, but they’re already voting …en bloc for the Democrats.

  2. I pray Americans stop being the fools you use to destroy And that you will finally on this earth receive the punishment you deserve for your crimes Including statutory rape of a 16 year old girl That you threatened her parent with bodily harm if they every spoke of her hanging herself Because you got pregnant then your wife made her get an abortion
    May God allow us to get rid of every democrat including voters in this entire country And that we will clean all of our government out
    Maybe God will not judge us as badly B cause America is under judgement because of abortions And keeping Satans children in our government year after year

  3. Democrats calls those 2 bills as voting rights bills when in fact they’re not. Similar to their infrastructure bill which is also not really for infrastructure. They name things such to fool Americans who doesn’t read the fine print.

  4. Schumer is pure evil, it’s time for him to be gone.
    The Grim Reaper will be waiting for this awful piece of crap. He can’t come soon enough for he and Pelosi.
    These Democrats are the scum of the earth, they lie cheat and corruption is rampant amongst the majority of them.
    How and why these awful politicians get elected and stay in office is a crime, the system is totally screwed up, especially when Schumer and Pelosi are still doing their best to destroy this country.

  5. There is always some kind of scheme republicans need to step up there game to make sure all these immigrants coming in are not voting . There has to be a plan and not advertise it on the news.


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