REPORT: Schumer rages against ‘MAGA’ Supreme Court after rare 9-0 vote

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., slammed the Supreme Court’s ruling Thursday that limited the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate bodies of water, calling it a “MAGA” court even though the decision was 9-0.

On Thursday, the high court issued an opinion that narrowed the EPA’s broad definition of Waters of the United States (WOTUS). The court said the federal government must define WOTUS as a water source with a “continuous surface connection” to major bodies of water.

The decision upended an attempt by the Biden administration to regulate wetlands, lakes, ponds, streams and other “relatively permanent” waterways, which had relied on a broad reading of the EPA’s authority under the Clean Water Act (CWA).

The Supreme Court issued a rare, unanimous 9-0 ruling on Thursday in favor of Michael and Chantell Sackett, two Idaho residents whom the EPA prohibited from building a home near a wetland years ago.

The Washington Post announced in a Twitter headline, “Breaking news: The Supreme Court on Thursday cut back the power of the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate the nation’s wetlands and waterways, another setback for the agency’s authority to combat pollution.”

Schumer responded in fury, “This MAGA Supreme Court is continuing to erode our country’s environmental laws. Make no mistake—this ruling will mean more polluted water, and more destruction of wetlands. We’ll keep fighting to protect our waters.”

However, Schumer has yet to speak out against the appalling damage to the environment currently being caused by the millions of illegal aliens pouring across the southern border into the United States.

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  1. Schumer is a sh!t-stain and can ROT IN HELL! The job of the SCOTUS is to rule ACCORDING TO THE CONSTITUTION, NOT ACCORDING TO HOW sh!t-stain Schumer WANTS THEM TO!

  2. Schumer you’re a f’ucking idiot! All 9 judges agreed on the ruling. What don’t you understand about an unanimous ruling. Both Democrat and Republican, Liberal and Conservative Judges agreed EPA overstepped it’s authority. Plain and simple jack ass

  3. Well another statement made by shit Schumer that shows he really doesn’t know who has the authority over our water ways. The EPA doesn’t have the authority its actually falls under the Army Corps of engineers, under the 1972 clean water act. The executive order from Obummer WOTUS was removed by Trump and reinstated by Magoo via executive order and gave the authority to the EPA. This WOTUS has kept me from securing my small miners permit to extract precious metals. This rule prohibits the discharge of water from my devices on the ground even though the ground I’m running through my machines are considered the soup in the pot that’s already there. I will now resubmit my permit application after this ruling.

  4. How about the damage to coastal waters from the wind turbines, killing fish and whales. How much did he make off that I wonder. Always whining.

  5. Perhaps Chuckles doesn’t realize the vote was unanimous…the liberals sided with the conservatives.

    Perhaps immigrants need to be moved to Chuckles’ doorstep so he can witness the impact.

    Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  6. Lying crying sobbing Chuckie just proved his worthiness to the demoncrap cult!

    It’d something Biden wanted so of course he’s a bobble head lapping it up!


  7. Oh grow up Schumer. You didn’t get your way do you act like a child. Using MAGA at the drop of a hat is getting old.

  8. Sotomayor, Kagan, and Jackson are now all MAGA? Wow, the populist patriot movement is really spreading!

  9. If FEDS want to control land then they should purchase it. Instead we give away our tax dollars to foreign governments. US also allow foreign nationals to buy up US land.


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